Tuesday, July 15, 2008

diffused glow


Good morning everyone! I hope you got a good night's sleep. This morning I'm posting a photo from my photoblog site. I apologize for the lack of conversation this morning but I'm composing this on Monday and scheduling it to publish at 2 a.m. so you have something to look at with your coffee. OK, OK, it's so I can sleep late on Tuesday morning!!!

No exciting stories flying off my keyboard right now because ....... poke me with a fork, I'm done. I'm toast. The Farmer's Son and I laid about 70 tiles today and I'm feeling it. We made some good progress and it's such a joy to work with him.

Thanks to everyone who made the suggestion that the Farmer should have WORN the apron for the drawing photo. Why didn't I think of that? I still would have taken the shot and posted it before I sent the apron off to Katie - but he foiled the plans and went out of town on business.

I'll be back sometime later today to post something more coherent than this.


Heidi said...

I LOVE that old house!!! I want an old farmhouse, but I have a ranch style - its great, but I love the character of the farm house and all the thought that seems to have went on to build it..... Thanks for the photo!!! Hope you are sleeping like a log!!!

Dana said...

I "found" you during the Wave your Flag post we all joined in---and, shame on me, I'm just stumbling back to you again. I love your blog and promise to be a reqular! Your apron tutorial was great and congrats to the lucky person who won it! The cloud photos were terrific, too. I've heard the term "bow echo", but have never seen what it looked like. Our KC weather people need to be a bit more visual! Keep up the great blog work!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

I also love that house! I can see such potential in that place!
Conrgats on getting so much tile-work done. Maybe you can post some pics of the finished product soon.
Enjoy sleeping in this morning. Wish I could have! LOL!
Have a great day!

Laura said...

Where is that house? Is it for sale? Is it being restored? It is so beautiful! I love old houses, the older the better! I've always dreamed of buying a big old house and restoring it to it's former glory. :-)

Hope you got to rest this morning. Have a great day!

Marie Reed said...

Can't wait to see a photo of your tiled floor!

Cindy La Ferle said...

I love photographs of old abandoned homes; they evoke something I can't put my finger on. Maybe nostalgia. And Suzanne, I have to tell you that you've inspired me with your photography. This week, I started something I've put off for ages -- taking photographs of my gardens, which I've worked on for the past four years. Someday, we'll downsize from this old house and I will want a record of my handiwork outside. I even posted a "Garden Magic" photo album on my Facebook profile. Thanks to you, I've revived a dormant hobby that took a backseat to writing. (My stuff doesn't look as nice as yours, but that's OK...)

Louise said...

Nice picture. Hope the sleeping in was just as nice.

TSannie said...

Just "found" your blog and love it! Your story about your stepfather and the corn was wonderful. I'll be back!

Karen said...

What a wonderful old house. I can just imagine, curling up in a chair, on that porch, with a good book and a glass of iced tea....my idea of heaven!!

Conrat on getting the tiles dones and have a good lie in!!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Wouldn't that be a fun house to get my hands on! :-)

Happy resting!

Mental P Mama said...

Again, this is beautiful. Thanks for visiting me...I will be back here! Love your site!

lifeinredshoes said...

Ahh Suzanne, you ahve me a piece of real estate in your neck of the woods! This is my idea of home, a farmhouse in the country. How much?

Chris is *Refining Life* said...

Love that old house and the great photo! I agree with Melissa, that would be a fun challenge!

Enjoy your rest.

BumbleVee said...

hahahha.... no wonder he refers to husbands as "blog fodder" .... it would have been great to see him model the apron!

I love how they do indeed become part of the blogging thing even without trying.. like getting to know who lives where and whatnot. My Mr. BumbleVee even remembers whose husbands do what... who has which dogs and cats....and whether or not they are crafty (not the animals..but the people..lol...) and sometimes when we are sitting at the table..he says..so what is Susan up to? or has Darly said anything hilarious lately? did Anne get the bedroom finished?...

We, too, are always renovating...so I commiserate.....this week we are painting louvered doors .... ackkk!!

Jeanne said...

Who wouldn't love that charming house? Well, maybe some loft dwellers wouldn't be impressed. Nothing modern here.

I wish I could sleep late. My poodle does a great job of keeping me sleep deprived. She wants to eat anywhere between 5 and 6 am. then she wants to go outside to bark at the wind, or the dark, or the moon. Take your pick. :) All this while my dh sleeps in.

Time for my nap now.:)

Take care, Jeanne

Caution said...

I always feel so sad when I see an old house giving way to new subs. Then I remember that I would never have seen the house if it hadn't been for the new sub and the new roads.

Stopped by via Mental P. Mama. LOVE your blog(s)!

Mary said...

Oh, I just love this photo -- reminds me of a Wyeth painting! I'm feeling a little blogger burnout myself, and I don't have your tile excuse either! LOL Relax, we will still be here knocking at your door when you finally have something to say...

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Suzanne...scheduled blogger can be a wonderful thing at times...love the photograph!
Have a great day!

American in Norway said...

What a super picture! Hope you are taking a day off! Ha..I know

Sabina said...

Suzanne, "Farmer's Wife" is still one of my all time my favorite blogs!! I've seen so many over the past year since I began this journey into the blogosphere but yours still brings a smile to my face each and every time. :)

Liz said...

What a fabulous photo! Great blog!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Seventy tiles? And you are a quarter of the way along or where are you in the process? Sounds exhausting to me. Please take care of yourself!

The Carpenter says thank you to The Farmer for the head's up, but he had that figured out early on. ;>

Rue said...

Hi Suzanne :)

Bitersweet beauty... Where is that house?

The look on your daughter's face in that picture was priceless! :)


Suzanne said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for letting me sleep late. '

Heidi - It's really a cute farmhouse from the outside. The inside is another matter. A ranch house is fine with me - no stairs to deal with.

Dana - Thanks. I hope you have a chance to make one of the aprons. Or keep visiting because I have giveaways now and then. Glad I could provide a pic of the bow echo.

Carolyn - We will definitely be posting lots of pictures of the finished project. I've already made the decision that we will NOT be hiring ourselves out.

Laura - This house is just north of Huntley, Illinois. I don't know if it's for sale. A lot of these houses are offered at $1 - with the stipulation that you must be willing to pay for it to be moved.

Marie - I wish we were done with the project.

Cindy - Abandoned properties are my forte', so to speak. I've been photographing them for over three years and there's no shortage of these properties. I'm glad to know that you're taking up the camera. It's a good idea to have a project in mind, like your garden. That way you stay focused. It's a creative effort, just like writing. You'll do great.

Louise - Sleeping in was wonderful.

Tsannie - Thanks for the kind compliment.

Karen - Yes, it looks so inviting. I especially love porches.

Melissa - YES!!! You could work your MAGIC.

Mental P Mama - Please come back because you never know what might be happening.

Red Shoes - I don't know. My best guess is that this will be bulldozed. It's not in very good condition.

Chris - "Challenge" describes this property pretty well.

bumblevee - The Farmer hasn't gotten any of the characters straight yet. He's only interested in when I'll be talking about him.

Jeanne - We crate the Chihuahua's at night, otherwise we would never get a full night's rest. If they're not in the crate they're on Full Red Alert and barking at every Tom, Dick and squirrel that moves through the yard.

Caution - It's difficult to watch, especially since we moved to this area to get away from the crawl of civilization. It just seems to find you again.

Mary - You're allowed a little blogger burnout. There are some evenings when I say to myself, "What in the world can I possibly say tomorrow?"

Punkin - I try to use it everyday, scheduling the "publish" button to hit at 2 a.m. That way the early birds will have something to read in the a.m.

Tressa - It was kind of a day off. I know you're getting really, really excited. Chicago is sprucing up just for your visit you know..

Sabina - Thanks so much. You are good P.R. HA.

Liz - Thanks, please stop back again.

Vee - We're almost 1/2 done. That means we've already laid down 600 sq. ft. of tile. Ask Mr. Vee about that. And I knew he'd figure out the blog fodder thing. That man is no fool. He nabbed you didn't he?

Rue - The house is about 30 miles from here in northern Illinois. I'm hoping that you're going to give us some real good news soon.

Thanks everyone. I appreciate all the encouragement about sleeping late. It was very refreshing.

- Suzanne

StitchinByTheLake said...

When I see old homeplaces like this I always wonder about the family the built it and lived out their lives there. We own a house, currently rented out, that has 2 chimneys like the house in the picture. Before we bought it one was closed and a wall built across it (it was in the kitchen) and the laundry area was installed there. I always thought it would be fun to open that back up. That house is on the historical register and is in a small town where the real estate market has dried up. If I could pick that house up and move it where I currently live I'd be one happy camper. There is such beauty in places like this, but they are being neglected and abandoned as we constantly search for the new, better, more glamorous. Blessings, marlene

Cottage Rose said...

Hey there girl friend. everyone needs some rest sometime. So go ahead and get your beauty rest. I have days when I don't know what to say in my blog with out sounded really dumb. have a good rest and week.

shan & andrew said...

Oh my goodness- I'm going to have dreams tonight about restoring that old house! I love it!

Heather said...

I want that house. I would hang a porch swing on it's porch and have a front yard of poppies. I would love it and paint it and call it Viola.

Kacey said...

Amazing photo...I love old country houses!