Friday, July 18, 2008

Reader Appreciation Day

I'm busily trying to process the photos taken at the County Fair but Photoshop is not exactly cooperating. Part of the problem is that it's installed on my old lame horse computer. I just love having two computers side-by-side because I can pretend I'm a brilliant scientist working on a "Grand Array".

I did manage to squeeze two images from the fair out of the lame horse. I decided to declare a "Reader Appreciation Day" and allow you to choose one or the other as your (cyber) reward. Oh, what the heck, you can have both.

Dahlia - First Prize Winner, Kane County Fair

We have all choices on how to spend our limited time on the internet and I want to thank you for taking time to spend a bit of it right here "At Home...". I really have a great group of readers who interact not only with me, but with each other too! I love your comments because your personality shines through. Some of you are very funny and some are very wise and thoughtful.

The Farmer doesn't quite get the blogging phenomenon and always says, "People really stop by to read that stuff?"

Yeah honey....they do. And not only do they stop by, but they join in the conversation.

We all take time and effort to compose our blog posts and none of us want to feel like we're talking to ourselves. Your participation is appreciated. But there's another aspect that's probably going to surprise you. As my reader, you are doing a great service to my family. You're taking the pressure off of them.

I receive comments all the time that say, "You're funny", "You're so entertaining"...things like that. Well, funny and entertaining only go so far. After 20 or 30 years it wears a little thin. My family was beginning to crack under the strain of having to continue to "feel the love" in regards to my humor. You can probably relate on some level.

They're feeling so much better now that I have this outlet.

I don't want you to miss one minute of the fun so remember that my subscriptions are always FREE, unlike the newspaper that eliminated my job. It was a good thing though. Why? Because it allowed me to move into the position I wanted all along..............


And look, I got the corner office and everything!!

So, dear reader, put the prize winning dahlia in a lovely vase on your desk, and grab yourself one of these.


They're zero calories, I promise. Let's kick back and eat some caramel apples together.


Marie Reed said...

Scrummy! I'll take one caramel apple pleae...ok.. maybe two!

Apple Jack said...

The dahlia is beautiful--makes me want to try them in my garden! Looking forward to more pictures from the fair--baked goods, canning, quilts, dairy cows.

Heidi said...

0 calories huh - I just felt 5 lbs attach itself to my rump, just by looking at them!!! LOL

chocolatechic said...

Caramel apples.....

I'll just have a can of caramel please...sans apple.

Laura said...

I don't think I have ever seen a more beautiful dahlia. Hope you have a great weekend!

Oh, and I agree with heidi about the caramel apples... :-)

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Your blog is very enjoyable and I think you are funny too! LOL! Thanks for the lovely flower picture and yes, thank you, I'll have one of those candy apples (with chocolate!), but only if you will join me with a cup of tea or coffee. Your choice! :)

Sisiggy said...

Granny's been busy...

StitchinByTheLake said...

Since my tummy still isn't 100% I better take the Dahlia - much safer! Blessings, marlene

Susan said...

I love both pics and am glad there are people like you who can see beauty in the simple things and share it with people like me who can't see the details!

Dana said...

You hit the nail on the head with using the Blog to take the pressure off the family! It is such a great outlet for us who want to jabber and create! I do catch a little "heck" cause in doing the previously mentioned Jabbering and Creating, I must spend large quantities of time with my computer pal. Sometimes family members do realize that something else has my interest--maybe a bit of jealousy?

I love, love the candy apple photo---and the rest as well--the apples just spoke to me.

I just got Photoshop (a cheaper Elements version) and I am still stumped by it most of the time. But stumping me is not too hard to do when it comes to "computery" stuff!

Mary said...

OK, think I just gained 5lbs. looking at those caramel apples. And I have to wear a bathing suit next week!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Ohhhh, lovely photography, Suzanne! I'll eat those candy apples because I'm sure that, just like my fudge, there's no calories in anything that somebody didn't see you eat. That's my philosophy anyway.

Glad that we can be of service to your family.

The carpenter is mighty impressed with your tackling of the tile work. Wonders where the farmer is. I say that the farmer is busy. Carpenter says that that is a good thing since you are doing such a nice job; you don't need the interference. Hmmmm...

Amy said...

That flower is gorgeous! I love it and I'll pass on the caramel apple, I'm trying to cut back :)

I enjoy your blog and I agree, it's a wonderful way to express yourself and just 'get away' from it all. Happy Friday :)

Kendrawolf said...

That Dahlia picture is AMAZING! What a beauty!

homespun living said...

Thank you for the dahlia! I don't happen to have any in my garden. Love all your pictures!

Mrs. Parks said...

mmmmmm..... breakfast of champions!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Trying to act like a garden type when secretly you are Dr. Sweet Tooth.

chriskauf said...

I just wanted to say thank you for stopping by my blog all the time I appreciate hearing from you .
Your basement looks amazing I wish I had your crew here, I am working on my subfloor down there , 4 ,2x2 tiles of subfloor tiles a week, than I will figure out what kind of flooring to install, good luck with your tiling project this weekend, your basement looks very nicely done, wish mine was the same.

Des said...

I had a similar conversation with my 17 yr. old son just a few minutes ago. "These people are reading this stuff? Do you know them? Do you know what they look like?" huh?? too funny. Beautiful pictures and I love your blog design. There, do you feel love?? Hope so!!

lifeinredshoes said...

My husband doesn't get this blogging thing either, it certainly isn't the first thing he doesn't get about me! Here we can all meet and greet, make a new friend and visit with the old. KInd of a big cyber support group,a place to vent and share life lessons. Thanks, I appreciate you, Red Shoes

Sabine said...

Beautiful pictures! The candy apple display is a work of art. Wow!

BettyWestern said...

Suzanne, that post is so entertaining - you are right on the money. And whilst I have loved your photoblog for a long time now, I'm finding your musings over here hilarious, mad, useful, informative and touching. I'm sure your family sees all those things in you but sometimes, we find it hardest to express with those closest to home.

Anyway, keep it up.

Suldog said...

Mmmmmmmm! Taffy Apples!


'ank 'oo. S'alicious.

Beverly said...

I happened upon your blog this afternoon....great place to visit! I, too am a farmgal...many miles from anything and anywhere!

cathycan said...

My FAVE is the Alice's Place foto from a couple of posts ago!! LOVE IT!

Louise said...

What a dahlia! And thanks for the caramel apple. I've been craving one.

Two computers side-by-side DOES make one feel important and scientic!


You are such an incredible blog pal. No really, you are. I hang on every word and learn the craft of writing from you. Thanks for being my teacher and mentor.

Cottage Rose said...

All those caramel apples, oh my mouth is just watering. I absolutely love them. The Dahlia is just beautiful I can see why it won first place. Hope you had a great time at the fair.

Karen said...

Well you are funny and entertaining!

Love the Dahlia photo, but think I'll pass on the caramel apples, even though they look delectably scrumptious!!

Suzanne said...

Marie - There are different coating, so choose TWO.

Apple Jack - I've got all that, except I didn't see any quilts and I forgot to take pics of the baked goods. Darn.

Heidi - Just wait girl....I got pics of LOTS of dairy cows. Yeah, like you want to see anymore of those. HA.

Chocolatechic - Yeah, i'm with you, give me the caramel and the nuts, the apple is just a distraction.

Laura - The dahlia was a beautiful variety with kind of curly edges.

Carolyn - I want one with chocolate also and thanks .... I'm going to try some tea this time. I mostly drink iced tea but I've promised myself to try and develop a love for hot tea.

Sisiggy - AHHH .... you SAW IT. The first thing I thought of was I think it needs the word "apple" on the sign. "Made with Granny Smith apples". Otherwise it sounds like they have somebody's grandmother in the back room helping them.

Marlene - I tell you what, we'll keep your's in the fridge till you feel better. I promise not to nibble on it.

Susan - What a nice compliment. I think you can see more than you realize.

Dara - Yeah - tell them it's really cheap therapy. The full load Photoshop is insanely complicated. I'm looking to get the simpler Elements.

Mary - Work it off at the shore. Swim a few miles, you'll feel better.

Vee - FUDGE? Now you've gone and done it. Tell the Carpenter that the Farmer is VERY, VERY unhandy. He does the most important part - earn the money and write the checks. HA.

Amy - Thanks, I view this as our Calgon room - take me away.

Kendra - I promised myself that next year I'm going to actually enter something at the Fair.

Deb - I've never grown one myself and I don't know a thing about them, except for the fact that they're beautiful.

Mrs. Parks - Yes, we serve caramel apples for breakfast. It contains all the major food groups.

Anon- Definitely a sweet tooth person.

Chris - The basement is a project I don't wish on anyone, although there will probably be some bragging rights if and when we finish. Subflooring??? Hmmmmm, you're going to have to give me lessons because my bathroom is next.

Des - They're clueless. I feel a good comeback would be, "So you really really that junk on My Space?"

Red Shoes - Cyber Support Group....YES, and as Martha says, "It's a good thing".

Sabine - I love food as art. I'm going to have to dig out the photos of the beautiful hydroponic bibb lettuce that I used for centerpieces one time. They were stunning. The Farmer's company grows them.

Betty - - LOOK EVERYONE - my old friend Betty Western is here to visit and play with us. She's been a long time reader of my photoblog. Welcome Betty.

Suldog - Don't talk with your mouth full man. And I"m so happy to have at least ONE guy reader. We need your imput.

Beverly - Please stay for awhile. Did you know my vintage sewing machine is name Beverly??

Cathycan - Alices is your favorite? Seriously, you've got to put this on your list of 1,000 places to eat before you die.

Louise - I was just watching "Contact" with Jody Foster. Ahhhh, all those computers, the grand array.

Liberty - What wonderful and kind words. My sister and I were just talking about the process of writing. Is there a secret? I think the secret is to write...... and write ..... and keep writing. I've been writing almost every day for about 10 years, since the first time I logged on to the internet. This is one of the most awesome aspects and it has my high school English teacher jumping in her grave.....that people are writing again.

Alaura - I had a great time at the fair. I'm going to try and go back tomorrow for the Rodeo. I hope it doesn't rain.

- Thanks everyone for participating in the Reader Appreciation Day. I value your support and friendship.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Trish said...

Oh you are such a terrific conversationalist. Truly my family would agree with your's .... thank goodness mom has found some new friends my son says on the phone to his friends. I don't have to sit and listen to her all the time. Grin...I get my inspiration to write from the antics of my family but they do tire too of me always talking 'in prose'.

And that shot of the apples is the winner! Wonderful pic.

Kim's Treasures said...

I really enjoy reading your blog everyday! Fun, informative and entertaining is what it is! My hubby doesn't quite get the whole blog thing either.
Have a great weekend!

P.S. Great photos!

BittersweetPunkin said...

LOVELY photos...I enjoy my visits very much..thanks for the comic relief-I do appreciate it!!
Have a great weekend!

Rue said...

I skipped this by accident... oops!

You ARE funny, but you are also very talented. I just like you, period! ;)


ReluctantFarmChik said...

I LOVE candy apples. And caramel apples. What a blast from the past - thanks for sharing those with us! I love your conversational way of writing. Thanks for keeping the stream - it's wonderful, and refreshing.