Saturday, August 30, 2008

Got Eggs??

About a month ago I took a new route to the home improvement store and came across a new egg farm. I'm very excited because it's quite a bit closer than my other egg farm. I didn't stop that day because I had plenty of eggs at home. But then the weather really got hot and every time I drove past there were no eggs out by the road. I'm sure it was because of the heat.

When the weather cooled down a bit I drove past and sure enough.......EGGS!

I can't believe that I forgot to take a picture of the farmhouse because it's a beautiful yellow Victorian farmhouse. I promise next time I'll take some shots. This is a roadside operation, as are many of the home grown vegetable stands. It's self-serve and on the honor system.

She's got a nice sign.


A sturdy board serves as a cover on the insulated box.


When I pulled the board off I could see that it was originally used as a sign for a lost Bassett hound. I wonder if they found the dog.


Inside the box are the beautiful eggs. I mean, really beautiful.


I put an honest Abe in the little container. This is after all, the honor system.


And I got two dozen beautiful fresh eggs.

They range in sizes from medium to gigantic. And since the standard of measurement here "At Home....." is the martini glass, here's a look at one of the larger eggs.


Thanks for coming along with me to the egg farm. We'll go back another day and I'll take photos of the beautiful farmhouse.

Sorry that I'm late posting this today but I was out partying last night. You're listening to Shania Twain this morning and on Monday I've got a big surprise for you. Shania and Willie Nelson figure into this story so you'll want to be here. Thanks for visiting with me, I'm off to cook some bacon and eggs for the troops!


Chris said...

I love fresh eggs! I have been able to get them at the farmer's market. But I am still "working on" having my own hen house and half a dozen hens to keep me supplied!


chocolatechic said...

I am sitting pretty here with about 6 dozen eggs in my fridge.

A friend of mine sells me her free range eggs for $1 a dozen.

You couldn't do the honor system around here.

It is sad.

Shirley from California said...

You are such a joy. Love reading you everyday-you are the one I can depend on. My Grandma had her chicken house - many a time the rooster came after me. Wish I had an egg farm like yours near me. Have a great day!

Suzanne said...

Chris - There nothing like 'em. The farmer's market is a good outlet for fresh produce and eggs. We've got some nice farmer's markets around here, we're going to have to take a field trip to one of them!

C-Chic - Six dozen. Wow, you better get to baking. Free range for a dollar is the deal of the century.
I think I'm going to try your ice cream cake this weekend. Everyone is home (except the other mother) and I know it would be a hit. The honor system won't last long around here as development moves in. SIgh. We'll have to continue to move west.

Shirley - Thanks so much for your kind comments. I do strive to be a "count on" sort of corner of the internet. I hated the rooster on my uncle's farm when I was growing up. It was chase the heck out of us and I was very intimidated by that stinkin' bird. I would have loved to have seen him in the form of chicken and dumplings on the dinner table!

I'm strongly wanting to have chickens of my own. Mary Jane Butter's website has a woodworking pattern for a very cool henhouse that looks like a large phone booth. Unfortunately, our two acre property lies in an area that is not zoned for livestock. :^( I do believe that if I didn't get a rooster and provided my neighbors with fresh eggs, they wouldn't turn me in.

Thanks everyone, for visiting our little corner of Illinois. Life is better on the prairie....believe it!

Jill said...

Ooh they look beautiful! A neighbor of ours has 6 chickens who lay eggs for them. They're small, but my husband says they're quite tasty!

Caffienated Cowgirl said...

There is just nothing better than fresh from the farm eggs. We had chickens when I was little...and I eagerly gathered the eggs everyday. Yum!

(and lovely photos too!)

lifeinredshoes said...

Oh how I long to live in the country, long sigh.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

I am so jealous! We miss the egg farm so much it hurts. There's nothing left to do but raise our own chickens...bawk!

Can't wait to see the know how I love yellow farmhouses.

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

Before our chickens were all killed by a coon, we had a self serve fridge on our front porch. Our sign is not as fancy however

Can't wait til our babies come on line & start laying.

Pat said...

OK I've got to know where this is? I love fresh eggs and can't wait to go.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh how wonderful!! My great Aunt and Uncle had a farm in CT...he delivered eggs door to door for many years right up until he passed away...I would for sure be buying those eggs too.....

Good for you!

Cottage Rose said...

I love fresh eggs also. They are the best. What a great place to buy eggs. They look great too. Thanks for the ride along. had some fun picking out fresh eggs.

have a great weekend.


Suzanne said...

Jill - Six chickens should produce a lot of eggs, at least one egg per day from each chicken. That's over 40 eggs per week. After awhile you're looking for creative ways to use all those eggs.

C-Cowgirl - Yes, I remember gathering eggs in the morning when we visited my uncle's farm. It was such a nice chore. Better than slopping the pigs.

Red Shoes - How far are you from a rural area? There are farm wives everywhere who look to make a little extra money by selling their eggs.

Vee - Where did the egg farm go? Did she shut down operation? The yellow farmhouse is so beautiful. I'll get back over there soon.

Jessica - I know the chickens around here have to be protected against the coyotes, the hawks and any loose dogs, but a raccoon?? That's terrible.

Pat - E-mail me and I'll give you directions to this one and another one. I just don't think she'd want the info out on the WWW.

Robin - I'd love to have an egg man. We had a bread man and a milkman when I was growing up.

Alaura - They're really great eggs, very fresh. The shells are super thick and hard to crack!

Thanks for visiting today.

Danny said...
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Danny said...
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belladella said...

I wish I had somewhere to buy fresh eggs around here. I need to check on that. Surely someone sells them. They look delish and I love her sign.

Louise said...

I SOOOO miss fresh farm eggs. You're so lucky. If I had just a little bit of space in a place that the zoning allowed it, the first thing I would buy is chickens.

Great post!

bj said...

How wonderful to find such beautiful, healthful, brown eggs...and all on an honor system, too. I just love that! We don't see things like that in our city....isn't it a shame.and, I can't even remember the last time I had fresh eggs...