Monday, August 25, 2008

Stood Up

It was a beautiful day for the Heirloom Garden Show at Garfield Farm Inn and Museum. The weather was clear and we had perfect temperatures. I arrived and checked in with my sister to see Boone County Heritage Garden's table. They had tasting of jams and preserves. My favorite? The onion and garlic jelly. was terrific.

The Hot Pepper guy was there. I bought his hot pepper/pineapple hot sauce. It's terrific. I loved his "table". It was four hay bales and a board.


The ever-lovely Donna was there in period dress. If you remember, we toured her spectacular gardens in La Fox a while back.


There were people there with more different varieties of tomatoes than I every knew existed. One man grows 80 different varieties. Stop and think about that for a moment. Do you know how many tomatoes you get from one plant? Times 80?? That's crazy.


Mary Burnitz is pouring me a taste of her beet wine. Yes, BEET WINE! It was spectacular. So delicious. She convinced me that making wine wasn't all that difficult and showed me several cookbooks that included wine recipes. I'm going to try! Yeah, the little-ole-winemaker, me!


Mr. Bauer was making sure Garfield Farm's oxen behaved themselves.


I was waiting..........patiently.......with my Slightly Curried and Blueberried Chicken Salad, Artichokes and Olives, and Buttermilk Pie.


At about 1:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon I happened upon the Executive Director of Garfield Farms, and Historical Preservationist extraordinaire Jerry Johnson. He was strolling through the Heirloom Garden Show taking pictures and enjoying the stunningly beautiful afternoon.

"Jerry, I set up my quilt under the beautiful tree behind the hen house," I said.


He glanced over in that direction but quickly noticed the the picnic basket was hanging heavily in my right hand.

"I invited my local readers to join me here at the show," I continued. In reality I sent my invitation out to the four winds...... Norway, Jordan, India, West Virginia, Maine.....well, you get the idea.

"No one showed up Jerry. I feel like the ugly stepsister who gets stood up on prom night!"

Jerry nodded. I'm not quite sure if he has ever been stood up. His nod was perhaps just in acknowledgment of my situation.

I trudged on, hauling my picnic basket over to the tables being manned by my sister and her co-worker Pat. They were mighty happy to see that curried chicken salad and buttermilk pie.

On my way out I cut a couple of pieces of pie for the guys greeting the guests at the gate.

I suppose that I could slather myself with blue paint and dance around feigning disappointment. But the truth is that I know most of you would have loved to have spent a beautiful, balmy Sunday afternoon on the Illinois prairie. Speaking of prairies, they did have a tour of the prairie plot. I felt all of you in spirit and for my readers and their energy I am so grateful. Without my readers there is no "At Home......"'s what you missed. I had one of my Farmer's Wife aprons to give away to the first guest who showed up under the shade tree.

I'm still going to give it away, but a mere "I want the apron" in the comment section just ain't gonna do it. Here's the deal. You're going to have to tell me your own personal "Stood Up" story. Haven't we all been stood up at one time or another? Tell me a good, juicy, awe-inspiring tale. I'm going to put all the names in a hat and draw a winner on Thursday. DANG...the Farmer is going out of town again. He's going to slip through my clutches and I"m not going to be able to photograph him in the prize apron. He's a slippery devil.


Simple Answer said...

would've loved to have been there. only story that comes to mind is the one where I did the standing. still ashamed. the details aren't important.

Indiana Angel said...

Sounds like an absolutely wonderful time. Wish I could have been there.

My stood up story hurt for a long, long time. Probably because the standing up was done by my best friend since we were in 2nd grade and we were about 22 at the time of 'the incident'.

She got married first, a year before DH and I did. We always tried to go out once a month or so just to hang out and talk. Then she got divorced (it was a bad decision to marry the guy she married - she knew it, I knew it, my DH to be knew it, everyone knew it - but you can't talk a 19 yo out of much, so I just made sure I was there for her during the turmoil and ensuing divorce.

After her divorce was final, things between us changed a bit. She seemed uncomfortable being around my DH and I together. But we still talked on the phone and got together when we could. We made plans over the course of about 2 weeks to get together one Saturday evening. My DH made plans to meet up with one of his friends as well. I didn't want him sitting home alone pining away for me :) He took off to meet his friend and I waited at our house for my friend to arrive. And I waited. And waited. And waited. She didn't call. She didn't come. Nothing. I called her house (she had moved back in with her parents after her divorce) and talked with her mom, she said she'd left and was on her way to my house (that is what she told her mom at least).

I was hurt, angry, disappointed. I've honestly never felt the way I did as the hours just kept ticking away and nothing from her. You see, I should have been worried, IF these were normal circumstances. But a while after I spoke with her mom, my own mom called. She said "Weren't you supposed to be out with H tonight?" Yes, mom, yes I was, she never showed up. She said "I don't know how to tell you this, but your dad and I just came from town and she's sitting in the parking lot of Burger King with a boy in her car.....they were....well, they were....." it took forever for mom to finally spit it out. You've probably guessed, they were making out. And I found out later, from H's sister that she met the guy THAT afternoon. And they made out that one afternoon/evening and never saw each other again. So, my BF, scratch that, the person that I thought was my BF, not only stood me up, but she stood me up to make out with a guy she just met. I could have dealt with that if she'd have just called me and let me know. But she didn't call. And she never called again. Ever.

We've run into each other here and there over the years, we're civil, but there's no friendship left.

lifeinredshoes said...

Tell him he can't leave until you get your sheets!And about your picnic, I was there in spirit...the pie was delicious.

Tanya said...

I am sorry that happened.
My stood up story involves my daughter, Annie.
I had planned a trip to a water park for my kids. They could each take a friend. This involved making sure that my husband left his car for me since his is the only one that fits everyone. He hates letting me drive his car since I move the seat, change the station etc.
So I convince him I HAVE to have the car. Annie is so excited to go, both of my boys friends show up....and we wait, and wait and wait. No Annie's friend.Finally Annie calls the friends house, "oh so-and-so went to go spend the day with her cousins" Annie cried and was so upset. We still went to the water park but Annie was mad. I was upset for her too, I know that it hurt her feelings.

dana said...

Oh, you cause me to delve deeply into my memories---that's hard, cuz I don't remember much these days. I was but a mere Freshman in college and had persistently chased this hunk of a frat boy until I broke him and made him ask me out! The days went by and the afternoon of the evening of the pressure date arrived. I primped and preened and changed outfits about 53 times, then I positioned myself in the only chair I had in my dorm room and waited. And waited. They always "buzzed" you from the front desk of the dorm when you had a guest. No buzzer sounded. I waited for hours. No buzzer. No guy. No date that night. I was devistated. To the best of my recollections that was the only time I was ever stood up. I learned how much it hurt and I didn't do it to anyone else. Ahhhh. No apron winning story, I know, but a good life lesson for me. One thing I also learned later was that the guy really was a creep and I was so much better off for not having spent a minute with him. I think he's a politian somewhere now. (Oh, I was just kidding on that one--I don't have a clue where he is!) You're picnic at the Heirloom Garden Show looked so inviting! Beet wine! Wow.

chocolatechic said...

I have never been stood up...

Unless you count my ex standing up our marriage...then.....then you could say that I have been stood up.

bj said...

I loved going to your great show...sorry no one showed up under the tree but it was their loss, my friend !!
I've never even heard of Beet wine and it doesn't sound very good to me but...I will take your word for it. stood up stories to share...
love, bj

StitchinByTheLake said...

Oh my I have nothing that could top Indiana Angel - that's not only rotten but truly sad. I sure do wish I could have been there - the beet wine sounds interesting and I would love to try the relish. I spent most of my day at church so that means you forgive me, right? blessings, marlene

bj said...

oooo, WAIT A MINUTE...I did get stood up once !
My best friend and I were going to lunch and shopping and she was to pick me up....I waited about 30 minutes after she was supposed to be there and I called her house. No answer. I waited another hour and called answer. Hurt feelings deluxe!
But, what had happened...she WAS running a little late and was in the bath when I first called. She jumped out, started down the hall to the phone, slipped because of wet feet, fell and broke her leg. She couldn't get to the phone, of course. After inching her way to the phone, she called her hubby and he came and took her to the doctor. She DID call me later and told me the story and I felt like a HEEL for causing her to fall. ....and for thinking that she, of all people, would ever stand me up!!

bj said...

I've just read quite a bit of your blog and so enjoyed it. I am adding you to my blog roll so I can be sure to come back. Your humor is fabulous and I love your way with words!
love, bj

Suzanne said...

ohhhhhhh. OK... I wasn't really stood up. I gave everyone such short notice on this event. Next time I'll get myself together.

SA- I have to admit that I was the one doing the standing up also. Very young, very silly, very hurtful to someone else. Like you...still ashamed.

Indiana Angle - Wow, when she destroys a friendship she really crashes and burns!!! I think she was too ashamed to say she was sorry and ask to start again. Her loss I think.

Red Shoes - I know you were there. In some sensible red shoes!!!!

Tanya - That's very traumatic and you feel so alone when the brother has his friends and you're standing there alone. Oh, so sad for Annie.

Dana - No joke. He probably is a politician somewhere.

Chocolatechic - OH tool. I said I'd never been stood up but you're right. My first husband stood me up also. He was a cad and a cowards. Does anyone use the word "cad" anymore?

BJ - Don't worry, I'm a softy and I'm going to enter everyone's name in the contest. Trust me, the beet wine was excellent. I gotta make me some.

Marlene - If you spent the day in church then you are absolved of any guilt in not showing up under the shade tree. You're also entered into the contest because you're a good Arkie!!

BJ - You're BACK...Omigosh, that is the funniest/saddest story. Essentially, you broke your friend's leg!!!! That's a really good story. Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you subscribed.

HEY EVERYONE - Subscriptions are always FREE at the Farmer's Wife!!!

Have a great day.

Karen said...

Suzanne, I would have so been there if I lived closer. It looks as though it was agreat day, just the sort of thing that I love doing. That picnic set up on a quilt under the tree ... oh my!!!

My stood up story was hurtful, but the good thing was that those that did it got their come uppance.

There were a group of girls at my school, I was about 12 at the time, who were your quintessal 'mean girls'.

Anyway, they suddenly started being friendly to me, which should have sent up red flags. After a couple of days, they invited me to go on a picnic to the river with them. They told me that we were all going to bike to the river and that we would be meeting outside Manly's Milk Bar (NZ version of a Soda Fountain place).

On that Saturday, I was up bright and early. My mother packed a nice picnic lunch with extra to share and off I biked to the agreed meeting place, full of excitement.

After waiting for over an hour, it became painfully obvious that nobody else was turning up and that it was all just a mean trick on their behalf.

At school. about a week later, I noticed these girls showing people something, looking at me and laughing. Finally, one of my friends came over and told me that they were showing photos of me standing outside the Milk Bar. Apparently, they had been there, but hiding. They were obviously so bored with their lives, that they hought it would be amusing to set me up and then photograph me waiting for them. I still remember the humiliation and hurt I felt.

Somebody must have told a teacher what was going on, because next minute they were hauled into the Headmaster's office, their parents were called and the proverbial hit the fan.

They ended up being suspended for the rest of the week, getting detention for a month, once they were back at school. They also had to write letters of apology to me and my parents.

It still left affected me for quite awhile, though...

Leslie said...

Hey! Let's see a recipe for the Buttermilk Pie! Yum!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

How I would've loved being there! you make me almost feel as if I had been. So sorry about being stood up. Shoot! I wanted pics of all the gals (guys, too) who found you. Now I really do wish that I had a fantastic "stood up story," but I don't. Instead, I'll read all the others' great stories and cheer them on.

belladella said...

Oh no! I so wanted to come. I know I've been stood up before but nothing good is coming to mind. My brain is zapped today.

Louise said...

"Dang!" is right. I've never been stood up! I've never stood anyone up. What's wrong with my life?

pam said...

I was one of those 'nerdy' girls in school. And was always getting stood up by the 'in' girls. They'd make plans to meet at this time and that place. I'd show up and no girls. boo-hoo I know... I got over it. Wised up, got better friends. Teen years are tough man!

Heather said...

You had me at Curried Chicken Salad and Buttermilk Pie...

jazzi said...

I would have LOVED to have been there - but I was toting a grandson around the the Du Quoin State Fair!

Cottage Rose said...

I wish I had a juicey stood up story, but I really don't have one. Not that I have not been stood up just not the kind that would interest any one like that. But the only one I can think of right now is when My Mom and Dad did not attend my wedding to my hubby, she did not think he was good enough for me, by the way he is my second one. But she came around and fell in love with him
because she found out he loved fishing and so did she. She would come up and stay on weekends just to fish with hubby. ha ha I sure miss my Mom. She was something else.


Sadie said...

at 26 weeks pregnant, all was well, until one day, I started having some contractions, so my boyfriend at the time took me to the hospital. as they were wheeling me back to the OB unit, he said he'd forgotten my medical card or something in the car, and said he would be right back....
he never came back.
I sat in bed the whole night awake listening to all the staff chatter in disbelief.
so i suppose that would be my stood up story.
but 7 years later, she's the best thing that ever happened to me

Mary said...

Darn I missed a fun day it appears. I had a long meeting after church and then went out of town to visit my mom who is in a nursing home 2 hours away. Give me longer notice next time and I will be there with bells on. And if my broken elbows are healed, I will even get down on the picnic blanket with you and be able to get up. LOL

Having a cat scan tomorrow to find ouut what the difficulty is with the left one.. Bummer

Love your blog. We have to meet in person

BittersweetPunkin said...

That looks like it was a great time...wish I lived closer...I would've showed up for sure!!

BittersweetPunkin said...

...sorry...I don't have a story for me thinking but I couldn't come up with one...I guess thats a good thing....

Sisiggy said...

Okay. I'll give with one of my many, many Loser Stories.

One Friday, my day off, I had finally agreed to go out for coffee with the guy I'd been talking to on the phone at work for three months. He worked for a funeral home and, among other duties, I wrote obituaries for the newspaper.

When he didn't show, I chalked it up to Lesson Learned. The following Monday I swished into my office as usual and there was a note to call the guy at the funeral home. Yeah -- right.

I got right to work -- Mondays, ya know. The phone rang almost immediately -- him.

The funeral home had to handle a murder, he said. He tried to call, but the newspaper wouldn't give out my home phone number and, since it's a big paper, wouldn't pass the message on by calling me. He didn't know my last name, nor would they give it out. But there was no way of getting out of work for him if there had been a murder.

Then I let him have it: I work for a newspaper, you idiot. If there was a murder in this rural area, don't you think I'd know about it? Then I hung up on him, feeling so very sophisticated and self-righteous.

No sooner had I gotten off the phone when one of the reporters ambled in to do his usual spilling of pastry crumbs and coffee all over my cubicle. "So," he said casually, "how 'bout that murder on Friday?"


Apparently I was equally sophisticated in my apology -- me and the former funeral home employee (now a soil scientist) have been married for 21 years.

Rue said...

Hi Suzanne :)

The only time I can remember getting stood up was when I was newly married to my ex-husband. I went through the trouble of cooking all day and making ourselves a picnic by the fire.... wine, roses, yummy food, for after he got off work (Boy, I was a romantic fool LOL). The hours went by and no calls were made to me.... I finally got a hold of his best friend about 5 hours later and he told me he was there, passed out drunk. That was the last time I ever went to that trouble and the marriage got progressively worse after that. I should have known right then it wasn't going to be a good time.

So, how's that for a sad tale?? :)


Jill said...

Oh Suzanne... did you make throw curry into that chicken salad just for me?

I haven't had internet in over 3 days... I can't believe I missed the invitation - and the party!

Next time... I'm so there!