Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm a Pony!!

Let's go to a concert!

Last Friday night I had the chance to meet up with Chicago's country music band, Tin Horse. After agreeing to the position on my Peep List as the Official Blog Band they sent me a package of goodies including a CD, poster and a Pony Pass.


A Pony Pass is a backstage pass and I put it to good use. The band was appearing at a festival in rural Maple Park. I'm only 9 miles from anything, but Maple Park is at least 10 miles from anything. I arrived a little early to find this stage had been erected. I wonder where you go to rent one of those.


Yep, there's the turquoise tour bus hiding behind the stage. This bus once belonged to Willie Nelson and then it belonged to Shania Twain. This is definitely a country music tour bus with some history behind it.

Maple Park is a very small town, only six blocks long. The police had the street blocked off for the festival but this guy must have snuck around the barrier. He's the littlest Tin Horse Fan.


The ladies and their backup band took the stage and started rocking.


Let me introduce you to the band members.

Andra is the fiddle player.


Antje plays guitar.


Caroline is on keyboard and also plays guitar.


Here's Francis. He plays the bass and he channels Elvis I think.


Kevin plays a mean guitar.


Kirk is on the drums but I couldn't get a picture of him because he was hiding behind a force field. He's behind there somewhere.


The entire show was very high energy. For an hour and a half they played non-stop, a good mix of original music and covers. You can listen to some of their music on their My Space page. I love their original song, "Delilah", and their version of Copperhead Road.

Tin Horse Website

Please come back tomorrow because I'll tell you about what happened after the show...... Yes, we're going on that tour bus!


Simple Answer said...

Love the badge! What a hoot!

bj said...

How fun ! Glad you had a great time. Can't wait to see the bus that WILLIE actually was in!!

Bobbylarkin@gmail.com said...

I found your website after reading the TIN HORSE newsletter. The band does rock. I have had the pleasure of working in the studio with them. They never let me on the bus!

Suzanne said...

Simple Answer - They do a really good job of marketing. I loved the Pony badge because it basically says, "I'm with the band". Haven't we all wanted to say that at one time or another in our lives.

bj - It was so much fun finally meeting up with this group. They really love what they're doing and it shows!

Bobby - You gotta be a Pony to get on board!! They have a questionnaire on their website that is the entre' to membership.

Thanks everyone for going to the concert with me.

- Suzanne

Chris said...

Well if that doesn't look like fun! An actual card-carrying Pony!

I'm another one waiting anxiously to see the bus...

I'm off to check out the website & MySpace.


BittersweetPunkin said...

looks like it was a fun time...glad you were able to connect with them!

belladella said...

You are a riot. I can't wait to see the tour bus tomorrow. I am going to check out their site when I have more time. They look great.

Living on the Spit said...

How cool is that!!!!

TIN HORSE said...

Suzanne - we LOVED meeting you in person and have put it out there for the entire world to see thanks to youtube and our very own TIN HORSE TIMES(of which you are this month's feature)! Thanks for coming out to the show and being such a great guest on the bus! Looking forward to reading more about your adventure.
- Andra, Antje, Caroline

Lori said...

Looks like a great time!
I left an award for you on my blog.

Mamahut said...

Oh my gosh you are kinda famous now! Can't wait to see the bus. I'm off to have a listen.