Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

I've got a house full of hungry kids.

No Labor Day break for me.

Pack yourself up a picnic and go out and have some fun in the fresh air.

Let our thoughts and prayers be with those in the path of Hurricane Gustav.

See you tomorrow with a fun adventure.

- Suzanne


Heidi said...

Post about corn is up!!!! LOL I have been so busy that I dont remember what day it is - except that I missed church so it must be Monday...Big Son starts school tommorow!!!

Stubblejumpers Cafe said...

I have a friend who has stayed in New Orleans and is blogging about it. You can see his blog here:

Miss Lila in Atlanta said...

Happy Labor Day.
Can't picnic or any of that stuff. All my loved ones are laboring today. I thought everyone had the day off. How did Labor Day get started anyway? Anyone know? Suppose I could goggle it, huh?
I love your site and "I'll be back."
Miss Lila in Atlanta

lifeinredshoes said...

No picnic, we got 2 inches of sweet rain! We have been dry for soo long. Hopefuly we took some moisture away from Gustav.

Lil_Birdie said...

Hope you are having a wonderful Labor Day!