Sunday, September 28, 2008

Photo Potluck

I rummaged through my extensive photo files looking for something to post this morning. I was looking to create a photo potluck for you. Over the years I've shot some interesting and varied subject matter, that's for sure.

The rotunda of the Lincoln Museum is the only area where photography is allowed. As a photographer you train yourself to see the image before you capture it. I spotted this young teenager standing before the wax figurines of the Lincoln family. For me it epitomizes the strength of this museum. Instead of static displays of artifacts they have created a space that brings Abraham Lincoln and his family to life.


I could tell this young teenager realized that Lincoln and his family were real people, not just entries in a history book. Bringing history alive, it's a good thing!

The next photo is entitled, "We be Pirates".


The odd thing is that I cannot remember where this photo was taken. It's bunched with some photos from our cruise-from-hell, the one where I spent 3 days quarantined in my room suffering from Noro Virus.

I could have used some pirate rum at some point.

Next is a photo I titled, "Seasons End." The first frost will soon be upon us and the growing season will end for yet another year.


Can this be far behind?



Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Stop that! LOL! We want to stay in our cozy little autumn nest for months to come without even thinking about that last photograph.

My favorite photo is of the teenager looking at the Lincoln family. You're's history come alive.

You had Noro Virus? Oh how awful!

Significant Snail said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm with Vee, I want this season to last longer.

Judy said...

Photo potluck...great idea and wonderful pictures!


You are a very mean lady. How could you scare us all with pictures of winter. I'm very mad at you.

Heidi said...

That last picture is CLOSER than you thing!!! LOL its a wonderful 54 here today and its supose to be in the upper 30's this evening! I am making homemade soup for supper and cant wait for a hot bath.... I LOVE this time of year!!

chocolatechic said... had to go and ruin that lovely montage with that last picture.

I am running away from that picture as fast as I can.

Lori said...

Let's hope that last picture of yours is a looooonnggggg way off!

Mary said...

Love all your photos, but I'm not sure I want to be reminded of snow just yet... :)

martina said...

A friend and I had a garage sale today. After the unsold items were either put away or taken to Goodwill we rewarded ourselves. A trip to the little boutiques nearby followed by a glass of wine and corn and crab chowder at an outdoor cafe. It was about 65 degrees most of the day. Not looking forward to the cold rainy/snowy weather one iota!

Cottage Rose said...

Hey do not show photos of snow yet. ewwwww I am so not ready for snow yet, just some cooler weather. lol
Love the photos though, the sunflower looks so sad its little head hanging down. Poor baby...

Have a great week.


lifeinredshoes said...

I was enjoying this post... until the snowplow appeared!

Karen said...

Great photos. Don't want to choose a favourite, I like them all.

I'm so looking forward to the colder weather. It's so much easier to layer clothing on to keep warm. As hot as it gets here, there is only so much you can strip off, before being arrested by one or more of Reno's finest !!

Plus, when I get a hot flash, I can go outside and stand n the cold and feel so much better!!!

BTW.. I found some green tomatoes at a local Hispanic store, yesterday. We had Fried Green Tomatoes for breakfast this morning!!!

American in Norway said...

Great shots! Thanks for sharing!

Louise said...

Nice post. I love the Lincoln one and the dead sunflower. I don't know why. I'm not ready for frost. I think I have a couple of weeks without it longer than you will, but not even CLOSE to being ready. (My house is an ice cube in the winter.)

Mamahut said...

I love the big fat sunflower. The birds got all of my seeds ;(