Saturday, October 11, 2008

Childhood Friends

Last Sunday Garfield Farm Museum held their annual Harvest Fest. Unfortunately it rained, not a downpour but a heavy drizzle that dampened both the atmosphere and the attendance. The volunteers braved the elements with the aid of some sturdy headgear.

These young volunteers took the cages of Java chickens inside and watched the rain through the barn door. I think this image is quite charming of the two girls sharing some time together on a rainy Sunday afternoon.


The photo made me wonder about my childhood friends, those long ago companions with whom I shared a classroom and friendship.

Carol and Alice had an older father who owned a tavern and I remember that their family was different. Many years later in hindsight I realized that their dad was an alcoholic. I would see him in the morning as our day of playing outdoors was about to begin. He'd be standing hunched over the kitchen counter, staring down a percolator waiting impatiently for the coffee to brew.

The Faillo girls would be summoned home for lunch at the sound of their mother's distinctive whistle. Mrs. Faillo would stand at the door and purse her lips together..... high, low, high low, calling her brood home in a sing-song fashion.

The Munson's lived on the next block and they were the golden children with their drop dead gorgeous nordic looks and stylish clothing. For the life of me I cannot remember what their dad did for a living that allowed them to be the best dressed and best shod in town.

Barbara was my best friend and we shared many secrets as we paced off the blocks back and forth between our homes. Winter evenings would find us ice skating in the park, lit only by the street lights.

Our family moved when I was in high school and all those neighborhood pals with whom I spent so many hours drifted quickly away. It was a lifetime ago, but I've never forgotten the peaceful feeling of spending a rainy Sunday with a childhood friend.


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

You make characters come to life. I can almost see those little Munsons with their beautiful clothes and shoes.

As for the father hanging over the counter...yup, I see him, too.

Have a wonderful weekend, Suzanne!

Chris said...

Suzanne, such a wonderful post! I spent my early childhood in a little neighborhood in Springfield, Ohio. The block was full of kids and we all played together, our parents were all friends too. It was a great to be a kid there. You've got me wondering what happend to everyone!

Then, when I was 9, my dad accepted a job in California & life changed for ever. Good, but certainly never better!

Karen said...

That's a wonderful photo of the girls. The B&W gives it a look of a very old photo. Perfect !!

I love the memories as well, you paint a lovely word picture.

bv said...

there are 7 of us. from 3rd grade on...i am 62. we are all over the place but twice a year we gather. we have been through EVERYTHING . now one has just found that she has a rare cancer. the plan is when she is through this tunnel we are headed to italy to sip wine and talk about what wise women we are. thank you for,once again,a beautiful post. 'make new friends but keep the old. one is silver and the other gold'.

Anonymous said...

I too have vivid memories of many chlldhood friends. Some from my street or the next street over that we all had such great fun playing games, and inventing things to do during the summer when school was out!
I also remember many elememtary school friends. I have a picture of my 6th grade class, and I still can remember their names. Wonder what they are all doing today?
I moved from Ohio to California in the 7th grade.
I kept in touch with 2 other girlfriends, one has passed and the other has a troubled life.
Very sad. But I try to remember the fun times!
Thanks for your posting, it brought many thoughts to mind!

Mamahut said...

One of the pitfalls of moving every 6 months growing up, I never really got to know anyone, except this one girl in kindergarten. I still remember her name. Thanks for helping me remember her agian.

Louise said...

The picture is charming, as are your memories of friends. I am sure some of them wonder about you as well.

The ice skating is my favorite part. I almost never did that with anyone--just by myself. (No one had ice skates.)