Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Field Trip - Daydreaming at Josie's

EDIT: Need more info? Check out Josie's Antiques, Maple Park, Illinois

Enough with the food already. I'm sure I saw someone around here literally rolling across the floor. Oh, that was me!

I thought you might like to go daydreaming at Josie's Antiques. She lives on a farm about 10 miles from here and if her flag is out by the road that means she's open for business.

We simply can't get away from food though, because she bakes chocolate cookies every morning to share with her customers. She has a huge barn and several outbuildings filled with antiques and all manner of stuff. What I like about wandering through a large antique barn is the opportunity to daydream. I think about the people who originally used these items.

For example, who owned this metal lined bathtub?


It looks like one from the movie Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid. Taking a bath in the old days was a lot of work. All the water had to be hauled in from the pump and heated over a woodburning stove. Certainly no one who is looking to buy this tub would use it for bathing purposes, but wouldn't it be cool to take an outdoor bath in a secluded setting? Hmmmmm, I don't know if I could actually do that, but on paper it sounds good. What in the heck would you do with this tub? Plant petunias in it?

Here's an interesting double set of laundry tubs. My imagination conjures up an alternative use for them. I envision a back yard barbecue and these tubs are filled with ice and bottles of beer and pop.


Mirrors, especially antique mirrors, are a weakness of mine. I'm sure that the feng shui in my house is borderline psychotic with all the mirrors shooting energy wildly in every direction.


Can't you just imagine a large group of your friends sitting around this big farmhouse table?


My aunt had one just like it and she served the noon meal to all the field hands helping out on their farm. The table literally groaned under the weight of all the hot, steaming food.

Speaking of food, since there was such a curiousity about milk gravy I think we're going to be making some tomorrow. So be here with a large fry pan, a wire whisk, butter, flour, salt and pepper and MILK!!!

Heidi, this should not be a problem for you.


DrillerAA said...

Wonderful photos.
My grandmother had a pair of wash tubs like the ones pictured and my great aunt had a harvest table to feed the hands and do the canning in the fall.
We don't own many antiques, but I love messing around in antique stores.
First time visitor. Very nice blog.

chocolatechic said...


I heart antiques. I crave antiques.

For the tub, I'd put it in my bathroom, and use it as an open linen closet. Rolling my towels up, my wash cloths, my sheets....wouldn't that look cozy?

As for the wash tubs.....please don't think I am crazy, but I'd buy a wringer for it, and actually do my laundry in it.

Louise said...

Love it all, but the table is my favorite. Oh, to have a place to put something like that. Your imagination for uses is far beyond mind. And so much for ditching the food theme! Apparently it isn't meant to be ditched!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Now you did such a great job photographing the mirrors without your image being reflected in them. I'm going to try that!

Beautiful antique mall...lots of lovely things and your pictures captured it all so well.

I'm going to have to have the carpenter listen to the song on your playlist today. It sounds just like something he'd say.

Lucy said...

If it's ever 'roadtrip' time again and the gas is cheap-er, Josies is on my list of things to see.

Molly said...

In that last photo - there's a green pitcher - I have that pitcher! It's with my prized Roseville, McCoy and other art pottery mostly from Ohio (I think) on the shelves around the fireplace. I love that pottery!

Oh, and yeah, antiques are the best.

jill s said...

my aunt + uncle have a bath tub almost exactly like that and they had a piece of thick glass cut for the top + use it as a coffee table! it's AWESOME!!

lifeinredshoes said...

I would love to shop at Josies! and not just for the cookies. I have been looking for a set of washtubs with a stand for my yard, I would fill them with flowers and ferns. And to Hell with fung shui, it's not like Asians have the magic key.

jazzi said...

The next time I drive north to visit my sister, I may have to take a detour. I love puttering around in antique stores.
Thanks for the photo visit!

Significant Snail said...

Oh, I could spend forever scouring antique stores!


I have always wanted a long table like that. I also love communal style dining. I'll be back with my huge iron pan from Crackerbarrel.

Heather said...

I could spend HOURS looking at all the antiques. I love love love the table. Love it.

Mrs Parks said...

Ok, this is my new favorite place!
Can we come back here again sometime?

I love old mirrors and have them ALL over the house.

That bathtub... I don't think I'd take a soak to relax if I had to go to all that effort.

The laundry tubs... can you even imagine?
I am thankfull for my shiny white front loaders that do all the work for me!

I'll send you a picture of our kitchen table.
It's a modern day version of that one : )

Thanks for another great outing!!

belladella said...

Are you sure this post was not about food because I am craving chocolate chip cookies and wanting some milk gravy? Actually, my mom and I were talking about milk gravy and tomato gravy the other day. Have you heard of that one?

tipper said...

Some nice antiques-love the wash tubs. Neat photo of the mirror.

Anonymous said...

dear need that bathtub to place on top of your mt! i have a old claw foot on our deck for soaking. once i got to tag along to your state with Cat sales husband. we zoomed from factory to factory. i had my nose pressed to the window as we flew passed barn and field sales glore. i am leaving him home next trip and going to josies. bv

Rue said...

Oh my Suzanne! I could just bring the hubby and kids and move right in that store. I am soooo not kidding! Did you buy anything?? Let me live vicariously through you ;)

Oh and I look forward to the gravy recipe, because Rich LOVES it :)


Heidi said...

Here with bells on my dear - can I assist in any way - say with a small donation? Milk Dud wont know the differance!!! LOL

Holly Tree Primitives said...

Oh, Josies looks wonderful!

And wonderful pictures too, as usual.


Janet said...

I love antiques, too. I have one of those old square wash tubs. I also have a wooden wash stand with a wringer in the middle. The legs where you sit the tubs on fold up when not in use and are held in place with what looks like a screen door latch.
I love the big old table, too. Reminds me of the Waltons, except theirs wasn't as big.

Dejoni said...

I love milk do my kids.
They don't want biscuits or anything else with it...just a bowl of gravy.
Yeah, I know...not very healthy, but how can you not give them gravy.

Mary said...

Wow, what a fun place! That tub is amazing, and the mirror is beautiful. But that farmhouse table -- fab-u-lous!!! Thanks for the virtual shopping tour!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Oh I would LOVE to have that big table!!!

Deanna said...

I LOVE that huge farm table. I would snatch it up in a minute. One of my greatest regrets is not buying an old table made from planks of an old antebellum home in the town where I grew up.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Ooo, lots of fun stuff here today! Love the washtubs and that mirror!


How are you?

Happy fall!


Linda said...

Oh my - I have to find out where Josie's place is! Do tell! I'm in North Lake County and I found a single washtub at the Lake County Antique Fair in June (click the link)and just LOVE the double one. I used it for flowers this summer. Love your blog!

Mamahut said...

That place looks like heaven to me. I'll bet I could spend a month of Sundays in there. I.LOVE.ANTIQUES.

Kendra said...

Now that's my kind of antique shop. I love old farm-y antiques from furniture to equipment (washboards, kitchen gadgets, etc.) to farm equipment. I love finding old tack and other livestock equipment. My hubby's grandmother let me clean out her old barn...I got 2 horse collars, a couple trees (1 single, 1 double), a full harness, and some halters. That was a good day for me! :-)

Suzanne said...

For anyone who is interested - Here's the link to directions and information on Josie's Antiques:

Drilleraa - Yes, that table would be perfect to hold all the canning supplies and canned goods as you're working.

Chocolatechic - I think you need some antique kitchen gadgets. I do have an old wringer washing machine (motor doesn't worked) rigged up on my deck as a water garden.

Louise - It is a large table and requires one of those old fashioned large country kitchens.

Vee - I don't think that I purposely avoided my image in the mirror. I'm actually big on taking those type of shots and was part of something called "The Mirror Project" for years.

Lucy - Mini road trips are good too. You could team up with a couple other people and split the cost of gas.

Jill - Now that's a great idea. I've seen large old sleds (sledges) used for coffee tables.

Life in Red Shoes - Planting flowers was the first thing I thought of.

Jazzi - Definitely check this place out if you're in northern Illinois.

S. Snail - Yes, it's something that I love to do when I'm not on a time crunch.

Liberty - When we have large dinner parties I insist that everyone sits at the same table. We set up large banquet tables down the middle of the family room.

Heather - The table seems to be everyone's favorite. There's a local guy who makes very sturdy farmhouse tables from the wood from old barns.

Mrs. Parks - I know the past seems all so romantic but it was alot of work.

BellaDella - Tomato gravy??? What??? I need the recipe for that.

Tipper - Josie's offers alot of photo ops.

BJ - Seriously, I would have jumped out of the car. No fair! You can't take the Cat tour without letting you do a little shopping!

Rue - I knew you would love it.

Heidi - No donations!!! No!!

Janet - You have a wash tub and a wash stand? I've seen the wash stands in museum settings but I've never seen one at an antique sale.

De Joni - Like I said, gravy as beverage.

Mary - Just think of all your serving pieces loaded with food, covering that table. Awesome!

Keeper of the Skies - You need one . Seriously.

Deanna - Omigosh. How did you let that table get away? I'd be sick about it too.

Melissa - I'm am fine. Fall would be better if I could have that table.

Linda - I've put the directions to Josies at the top of this comment. Check her out.

Mamahut - It takes quite awhile to shop Josie's properly.

Kendra - I do love farm equipment also. I love to see it displayed on walls. Many people have actually forgotten the proper use for some of the items.

Thanks everyone for visiting with me today. I appreciate your companionship.

FineLine Antiques said...

OMG! I Love it all... I love that place. I havent been there in a year or two. You have reminded me to return. It is such a fun and inspiring place. Plus you can easily take the kids. They dont have school tomorrow, I think we have a plan for the afternoon! Thanks for reminding and inspiring!

Johanna said...

My favorite place to go antiquing.