Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween


There's a long-standing tradition of pumpkin carving in this family. The Farmer always made sure he was home early one evening to help the kids design and carve pumpkins.

This year the Farmer's Son was in charge of the knife.


No one got hurt....except for the pumpkin.

I'd love to hear how you're going to spend the day. Do you have young children who will be trick-or-treating? Will you be answering the door in costume? Are you giving out chocolate in hopes that no one shows up?

I am.


chocolatechic said...

Today is payday, so I will be busily visiting Aldi and Stuffmart.

Yesterday was Trick-or-Treat night here in Pothole, so the girl and I will curl up on the couch and watch something scary whilst the men are working their butts off.

Laura said...

I love your pumpkin. I haven't carved mine yet. I plan to leave work early today so I can get it carved. Happy Halloween!

Lucy said...

A cat! I love it.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

No trick or treaters here, except for two. They'd better be full of hugs and kisses. I spent some time shopping on their behalf yesterday afternoon...some M&Ms, some cookies, some cheetos, some fruit juice. That's it.

My pumpkin has rotten in all the frost and rain so no carving for us. I like the pumpkin that your son carved...very artsy.

Lori said...

I love the pumpkin! Your sonis talented!

I took the day off work today, not because it's Halloween but because it's going to be a gorgeous day here and those are fleeting at this point in the year. This morning will be spent cleaning off flower beds and this afternoon we are going for one last motorcycle ride! I just couldn't sit in my office all day knowing how nice it was outside.

Mamahut said...

Mmm chocolate, I will be eating..I mean checking whatever the kids pick up while visiting haunted houses tonight!

belladella said...

I am hiding tonight. I will be home alone, thus no opening the door to strangers per instructions from hubby and others. More candy for me! :) Happy Halloween.

Anonymous said...

We're hosting our annual Halloween party -- creative costumes required! My architect husband does a great job "haunting" our house, and I make my traditional Hell's Kitchen Chili for the main course. Our party starts after the trick-or-treating quiets down. I've posted a blog on Halloween history and traditions. Please stop by:
Happy Halloween!

Mary said...

I have chocolate (the assortment with both the hubby's and my favorites in it). But if they don't come early it will be ours.

Come over to our church's Harvest dinner/concert tomorrow night. Halloween will find us over there setting up.

MeadowLark said...

I'm bad... I hate halloween. :(

I liked it in the "olden days" when you actually knew the kids coming by, but now (at least in our neighborhood) it's full of cars that truck in a passle of children who are out grubbing for candy. Every year we head down to the basement with all the lights off and drink spiced cider in front of the fireplace and watch an old movie.

Yeah. I suck.

Anonymous said...

Hi, New to your blog, but I thought this was a great time to say HI!

The kids are teens, I have one of each. They both did pumpkins. The boy wants to go out and the girl doesn't. We haven't decided if we want to deal with hyper puppy and let the kids ring our bell. In the past few years literally no one has rung our door bell.

Living on the Spit said...

Love the pumpkin. That is a really cool one.

We will be trick or treating and then relaxing for the rest of the weekend. I love my weekends.


Have fun with the kiddos!

lifeinredshoes said...

No dressing up, love the little ones, and yes, lots and lots of chocolate!

Robyn said...

That's one of the nicest carve pumpkins I've seen.

We don't celebrate Halloween here. A few kids try trick-or-treating but it's never quite taken off.

Ali said...

We had a party here at the office practically all week, I have been spacing out the fun and treats as we are very small in number (but not in the amount of fun). I am going to go home and start making your apple butter recipe! I will post how it turns out on my blog monday. Oh and we are watching spooky movies too. Happy Halloween!
P.S. I love your blog!

Karen said...

That's a pretty cool looking pumpkin !!!!

I'll be popping over o Walgreens, as soon as the hubby gets home.

I made the mistake of sticking the candy bags within reach of the sewing machine. that I've been chained too for the last week...

'Nuff said...

Rue said...

First off congratulations to the happy couple! So.... you're going to be a mother-in-law... my advice is to remember to share them with her parents (holidays, etc.). More arguments have been caused in my family by just that one thing... yikes!

I love that pumpkin! Great job on the not getting hurt too ;)

Happy Halloween Suzanne!

your biggest fan ;)

Mogsie said...

I'm going to do nothing for the first time in 26 years.

no one home but me... kinda sad, eh?