Saturday, November 1, 2008

Día de los Inocentes & Dia de los Muertos


Today is the first day of the Mexican tradition of the Day of the Dead. This day is set aside for the remembrance of children and infants who have passed away and tomorrow is the day remembering the adults.

It is not at all a morbid thing but a respectful and joyous celebration and remembrance of the persons life. You can read more about it here:

Dia de los Muertos

Be sure to check out the photos of the colorful Catrinas.

Shown above is the Dia de los Muertos display put together by Beatriz, my former co-worker and editor of the local Spanish language newspaper. It is in memory of Frida Kahlo. There are certain elements in a Day of the Dead display including marigolds (thought to attract the spirit), intricate cut paper shapes and sugar skulls.

You can buy the sugar skull molds online and make your own using white sugar and egg whites. Beatriz's sister hand cut the intricate paper banners and these were just a few of the many that adorned her office. If you look closely you will notice that the design features two skulls facing each other.

I love to see and learn about traditions and celebrations of other cultures.

Have you ever heard of the Day of the Dead?


Anonymous said...

Yes, we lived in Arizona for many years where there is a very high hispanic population so we lived with all of their holidays as well as the U.S. holidays. Cinco de Mayo in May was also a huge celebration for them as well as very colorful.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

No. I lived in Arizona for a few years, but must've been too tied to the base. :>

Lena . . . said...

I worked in the Spanish Department of a local college at one point in time so got deeply immersed in all the Spanish traditions. Quite interesting.

Mrs Parks said...

That detail is amazing and anything inolved with sugar, I'm interested in.
Do you eat the skulls the day after?
I had never heard of Day of the Dead until this year (Thank you A&E) and I think it is fascinating.

KatKit13 said...

Yup. It's pretty cool. Plus my youngest daughter (HS Senior this year) had to make one for Spanish 4 class. She chose her great grandmother to honor.

lifeinredshoes said...

I work in a school that is mostly Hispanic. I think of Day of the Dead like a Memorial Day. There is a cemetery behind our school and we take the children to place flowers on the graves, very meaningful.


I love this tradition. Some families take buffets of food to the graveyard. It's a celebration. My sister-in-law was born and raised in Mexico city. If you search google images, there are hundreds of beautiful images. I love this post!

Suz @ Alive in Wonderland said...

I went to the Day of the Dead Festival here in Orange County and it was awesome! I loved the music the most, but the costumes of the dancers were mesmerizing.

Christy said...

Hi! Yesterday was a Dia de Bloglandia. A large group of bloggers celebrated dia de los Muertos together. You should check it out. You can go to my blog or you can go to www.rodrigvitzstyle.typepad .com for a list of all the bloggers.

I enjoy your blog!


Anonymous said...

I live just outside Los Angeles,CA and its always been a big celebration- but you my wonderful blogger friend are the first person that really explained it that well!!! Thank you - its a great day when you learn something new.

Louise said...

Livning in New Mexico, the Day of the Dead is a big deal among the Hispanic culture--a BIG deal. There is stuff all over the stores for it.

A couple of other posts I didn't want to leave separate comments for (you've been bombarded enough by this catch-up)... the post above. I love the look on Blanche's face. She IS sunny.

And layaway--my mom used to do it when I was little. My perspective is to save BEFORE purchasing, but maybe it is easier to go put money down every week or whatever they did. However they did it, my parents taught me to not live on the credit card!