Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Trusty Steed Smells

My car, also known as my trusty steed smells and it's not a bad thing. On Thursday I snagged a big box of slightly bruised apples from the local Italian market for only $1.50. I'm going to be making some apple butter and I promise to take photos and do a tutorial.

I left the apples in the car because the nights are cool and there wasn't any room in the refrigerator. When I got into the car this morning to run some errands the apples had filled the space with their sweet and slightly pungent smell.


It made me awfully hungry, like driving around inside an apple pie. It's a much better scent than the home made auto air fresheners we made together back in .......

It's the least of all the indignities ti which I've subjected my ten-year-old Pontiac. Do you remember when I accidentally left the sunroof open on a unseasonably warm spring day ?


only to wake up to a foot deep snowdrift INSIDE the car?


Or how about the time my car and I had a rumble in a cornfield?

Like I said, slightly bruised apples stored in the front seat are the least of this car's worries.


Significant Snail said...

Life's an adventure - I like your attitude! It's nice to find people who know how to make lemonade from lemons and laugh at the small irritations in life!

chocolatechic said...

OH...what a joy that must have been driving around smelling those apples.

You left your sun roof open in the spring.....bwahahahahha....that looks like something I would have done.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Yup, I remember both of those instances.

I have a recipe for mock apple butter, which is about all that I'm able to consider these days. I'm baking a birthday cake right now and it's been so long since I was responsible for the cake that I'm truly worried about its outcome.

Have a good weekend, Suzanne!

Kim said...

When I was a kid we spilled a gallon of whole milk - with a couple of inches of cream on top - in my mom's car! I sure wish it had been a box of apples!

Mamahut said...

I love the picture of your sun roof, I know it probably wasn't funny that day but it sure is now. I am going to go put an apple in my car tomorrow..yummy!