Monday, October 27, 2008



Nope, I'm not in Oklahoma and I haven't been there for years, but yesterday's weather had me singing the lyrics from "Oklahoma". You know the part where they let loose with....."where the wind comes whippin' cross the plains." That was exactly the situation yesterday afternoon.

I've found that if I set myself goals and make lists I am better able to get things accomplished. I've promised myself to make a list of all the major tasks that need to be accomplished around here and to tackle one everyday. The item on my list yesterday was to paint the trim around the garage doors and the front door. The paint had started to peel and so I scraped and prepared the wood and around noon I got started with the task.

It was a bit chilly and quite windy, even by Illinois standards. I finished the trim around the first door and by the time I was halfway around the second door the temperature had dropped at least twenty degrees and the wind had escalated to tropical storm speeds. I'm not kidding! It was becoming quite scary.

I finished my work quickly and went inside to check the weather.

Possible snow showers late in the evening.

And so it begins.


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Trying again...I just got so excited...please visit my blog today...there's something there for you.

Snow showers in Illinois at this time of year? Glad that you got the painting done just in time.

Molly said...

And we got your wind in the middle of the night last night and will have it all day...I know what you mean about how strong the gusts are...

Anonymous said...

Brrrr, cold everywhere except out west. Here in Virginia we expect snow flurries tomorrow night.... it's the darn wind that gets you and makes you shiver. Oklahoma indeed!

Lucy said...

I know this is going to sound off the wall, but I truly miss those cold blustery windy days. It doesn't ever happen in Arizona. I get very tired of hot days. Ahhhh.......memories.

Heidi said...

Man that is how it was here yesterday and we are about 7 hrs north of you my friend! :) We had snow this morning, but the flakes melted as they hit the ground. Its 35 out right now, and I have 1 row of spuds to dig yet...better get out there soon or we will have frozen potatos to dig. THAT is not fun!! LOL btw - I am waiting for an email with the address for the school house. House that for sluething it? LOL

Lori said...

Yup, we woke up yesterday morning to the sound of the deck furniture blowing across the deck and the day went downhill weather-wise from there. Snow flurries in October -- that just ain't right!Glad you got your trim painted though. It may be awhile before it's warm enough to do it again.

Suzanne said...

Vee - Thank you SO much. I'm truly honored because I admire Kari and Kijsa so much and you're one my first reads every morning. Thanks. I was determined to get it done. Now I have to see if I can sneak in painting the front door. Luckily there were no snow showers last night, but here in Illinois that doesn't mean a thing. The weather can change on a dime.

Molly - I'm sure that wind seemed alot more threatening in the middle of the night. People in Illinois are no strangers to wind but yesterday was ridiculous.

Blue Ridge Gal - The wind can cut through you like a knife. Serious winter coats are a necessity. Those outdoor gear companies make some great coats with space age materials.

Lucy - It doesn't sound off the wall at all. I lived in south Texas for four years and I got sooooooooo sick of hot, sunny days. I prayed for rain or anything to break the monotony. I cried at Christmas time because it was impossible to get into the mood for the season when we were still swimming!

Heidi - That was some big front moving in if it reached that far north. Digging potatoes??? You're really the epitome of the true farm life. Heidi, you are an amazing house sleuth. My sister and I are working on the road trip.

Lori - The wind has to be pretty terrific to send deck furniture flying. I've still got some outdoor work to do so hopefully it will hold off for awhile.

Thanks everyone for visiting and commenting.


Weather is a fascinating thing. You're right, it can be scary!

Margaret Cloud said...

You are right it does look like Oklahoma, just like in Twister. I have to make lists of chores also. Thanks for sharing that photo, please come by sometime.

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Suzanne; I so understand, we had the same kind of weather yesterday and today. So windy I was getting worried about my poor little Halloween scarecrow out there. Very cold here too. brrrrrr shiver..

stay warm.


Mary said...

That photo is GORGEOUS! We had our first snow this morning. Ick!

Jen said...

Only been in Oklahoma for a year now..loved the winds when we first got here... had no idea how much damage they would do. Speaking of the movie Twister, we had a wind storm so bad a couple months back I literally was waiting for the cow to fly across my windshield!!

Louise said...

We got that weather this past Wednesday (November 5). I sit shivering as I type. The photo is terrific. I love "weather" shots!