Saturday, October 4, 2008

Toilet: 1 - Farmer's Wife: 0

OK, I guess I've got baseball scores on my mind. After all, we're in northern Illinois about 50 miles west of Chicago and we're all dreaming of a subway series. It could happen, if only in my dreams.

Yesterday my intention was to install a toilet. I'd taken a demonstration class at the local home improvement store and was feeling somewhat capable. Unfortunately the toilet, the uneven concrete underlayment and the incorrect alignment of the flange had other ideas. I probable could have surmounted one problem, perhaps two but the combination of problems was a perfect storm of difficulty.

I called a local handyman to come to my rescue. He's installed many, many toilets and had all kinds of tricks up his sleeve. Before the toilet could devise another troublesome strategy it was installed and operating.

Many years ago I learned to ask for help when I'm over my head. Thankfully it didn't break the budget. One more item off the very long list of things to finish in the basement.


- finish laying and grouting approximately 500 sq. ft of porcelain tile
- finish painting 1/2 of basement
- decide on how to finish stair steps
- install railing
- build two low bookcases for each side of the fireplace
- finish the build out on the bar
- install back bar cooler, ice maker
- have electrician install flexible track lighting over bar
- have pool table re-assembled and re-felted
- have projector and screen installed
- sew drapes
- find and hang artwork


- take a shower
- have a party

Have a great Saturday everyone. I'm going to be helping the Farmer dig and pour a concrete footing for the natural gas powered generator he's having installed. No more power outage floods for us!!


chocolatechic said...

Whoo Hooooo

No more power outages.

I know how to install a toilet too, but I hate to. All that lifting of that heavy toilet, making sure it fits 'just so' on the wax ring.....uuuggghhhh....

I'd rather let someone else do it.

pablo said...

Hey stranger. How have you been?

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

As long as it's a done deal... I may not tell the Carpenter this, though. :D

Yay for no more power outages. The Farmer is obviously a forward thinker.

Chris said...

Lordy, I hate "those kind" of lists staring me in the face! But it sounds like a wonderful place to relax & entertain will be the result.

That generator is a great idea. Ours is gasoline-powered. We have propane...I bet they have generators that run on propane? Hmmm...maybe Hubs has a project ahead of him...

J'Ollie Primitives said...

Makes my things-to-do list look wimpy.

Looking forward to seeing pictures of the finished basement!

Karen said...

I've installed a toilet .... at least the floor was even, but it still had me saying words that I didn't want my kids to hear !!!!

Good thinking on the power generator !!!!

Good luck with the list :-)

lifeinredshoes said...

Oh my, you have quite a list yourself! Everytime I look at my tile I think of you, and my knees hurt. My Mr. can install the lighting, good luck on the rest.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I hate plumbing issues! But I love your organization - the list is wonderful. :) blessings, marlene


How do you do all that? I'm blown away by your energy!

American in Norway said...

You go girl! At least you tried!
Can't wait to see pictures!

Mamahut said...

Toilets are tough, I have had a few major fights with toilets. Your a smart woman to call for help. Your list looks something like my list. yuck.

Louise said...

I think you should take a shower and have a party after finishing each of those items.

(I'm way behind. Can you tell? I'm not sure if I'll completely catch up on you today. I've been saving some of "the best for last." Feel privileged!)