Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Psychic Super-Hotline

I know there are many who would say they don't believe in any kind of psychic connection between people but these connections manifest themselves regularly in my life.

I've mentioned that recently I've been on a de-cluttering mission. Last week I worked on our office/library, weeding through books and papers and filling boxes for donation to Goodwill. I came across things that reminded me of people I hadn't heard from in quite awhile. I thought about them and the memories connected with the books and items they'd given me.

There was a jade amulet, a gift from my friend and co-worker Brooke who I haven't heard from in almost two years. She taught me important lessons about loving and letting go, allowing people to grow without stifling them. She's an old soul in a not-so-old body.

Tucked on the bottom bookshelf was a book from an old online buddy. It was a book about one woman's battle with Lupus and Marda had sent it to me shortly after I was diagnosed 12 years ago. I hadn't heard from her in over a year.

One book had a piece of white paper sticking out from the pages. It was one of my favorite sentences (yes, I have favorite sentences), written by Jesse White Crow.

In a minute the coyote is over by the dry creek bed singing it's painful woes to a night that makes all of creation wish they'd mastered fire

I'd followed his online journal for years as he walked across America and posted from public libraries. In all those years we'd only had one communication between us. I'd written him a letter and he'd sent me a postcard from the road.

I spent time thinking about each of these people and how they'd impacted my life. And for those of you who don't believe in the Psychic Super-Hotline....... within one week I heard from each one of those people!

Jesse's postcard was in the mail today and it was the most amazing connection of all, not only because we'd only communicated once and that was several years, but because of what happened today and how important it was for me to find his precious words in my mailbox.

Today I kept a doctor's appointment where they attached leads to my hands and legs and shot electric pulses through my nerves!! Yikes. I returned home and spent several hours laying porcelain tile. The Other Mother then announced that she was in a great deal of pain in her elbow, radiating down to her hand. Off to her doctor we flew and it was determined that she'll need an x-ray tomorrow.

We walked in the door to the news that the Farmer's cousin's wife had suffered an aneurysm and will not survive. She just turned 61 and was looking forward to retirement.

And that is why all those people contacted me out of the blue. Every time a rough patch is approaching people appear in advance to give me their positive energy to help me through. That's exactly what has happened in this case.

I will take the initiative to share with you something from Jesse White Crow's journey. It was written on the road and I am trusting that he would want me to share with you.

In the beginning of this walk I believed that I was always finding just what I needed on the side of the road. When I lost my titanum mug I found a plastic cup the same day which carried me over until my cup was found and flown to me a month later. In New England's winter, when I needed cover from snow and sleeting rain on my hands that held my walking sticks, I found disguarded rain pants I quickly cut the legs from to hood my frozen fingers. This is still the truth of the walk: what I need will come. The difference now is that I am unsure if I am passing a diamond or a stone. I want to save everything. Of course this is ridiculas when everything that I glean has to be attached to my shoulders. Something inside has readjusted. Now when I see homeless people I understand the shopping cart of seemingly useless trash piled high. They too are afraid--or is it concern, that the twine we pass today may very well be the belt we wear tomorrow? Knowing this tendency is stooped over in me to gather the next treasure, I talk myself on past articles that beg to wander these miles with me. They know that once I get home...wherever home will one day be, I will be less inclined to adopt all that I see by the roadside. Everything that I have gathered is just about impossible for me to part with once we have miles of history together. We become related, friends, parts of each other, still hoping to make sense, to fit in, to be needed.
My ex-wife had the same feelings for stuffed animals and dolls. I used to laugh in gentle cruelity as she struggled past a doll at the bottom of a box left over from someone's tag sale. I knew the soiled painted face would find it's way home to our china cabinet at the bottom of the stairs where it would sit with the other foster dolls and animals that seemed to smile out over empty wine glasses with foggy eyes full of hope.
Life gives us practice when we are not surrounded by the ones we love, or will love, we are given just enough to care for so the heart stays familiar with the feeling of being wanted....and showing others we want them.

I am stunned by his talent. Please visit White Crow Walking and read for yourself.


CatHerder said...

Great post...i must say that happens to me quite frequently....everytime i speak of someone i havent seen, my phone rings the same day. wish i could figure out those lottery numbers though, that would be great wouldnt it?

dara Ickes said...

I started reading Jesse White Crow's blog after you mentioned it I think a while back. I got totally hooked on it and spent an entire day at work reading all of it.
I have a friend that we will go months without talking and then out of the blue, we connect and find that we had each been thinking of the other. I love those type of connections. It brings peace of mind.

Jeanne said...

Suzanne, this post makes one reflect on old friends in the past and the sad thoughts that we have lost contact. I have a friend of 48 years and when I am really thinking of her I will get a call. It is unreal. I must visit White Crow's blog. His words are so thought provoking.

I came by to let you know I tagged you with a book tag. If you want to play along great. If not please do not worry about it. I had fun with the questions.

Have a great day.


belladella said...

Amazing and such a good reminder. I so believe the universe works like this. We are all connected in some way. I bet you have set off a chain of events of this sort just with this post. Thank you in advance.

arlene said...

Peace to you during these challenging times. Thank you for introducing me to Jesse White Crow. Just that posting alone spoke volumes to me. I wonder what other messages are awaiting me in his blog.

Suzanne said...

Catherder - I know, I've never figured out why we don't have psychic connections with those winning lottery numbers.

Dara - I'm so glad you enjoy reading Jesse. He's off the road for now and working on his book, with fits and starts he says. I can imagine it's very hard to filter through the journals and connect it all in some cohesive manner.

Jeanne - That is unreal, as you have said. Please visit with Jesse and be prepared to be touched by his words. And thank you.....THANK YOU for reminding me about the tag. My mind really ain't what it used to be and I was getting panicky because I knew there was a tag and also an award. I couldn't find where I'd written them down. I've just now created a page that I've hung on the wall behind me to write these things down so I don't lose them. Stay tuned for the book tag!!! Oh, I love book tags.

Belladella - I certainly hope I set off a chain of events. I hope that someone goes over to Jesse's site and reads saomething that gives them some peace or makes them think.

Thanks for visiting and commenting. I really appreciate your company.

Pieceful Afternoon said...

Wonderful post - and of course, just what I needed right now in my life. We are facing a huge "need" and waiting for the answer to come is sometimes painful - though in the past things have always worked out for the best (I could write a blog just about that subject) - and I am not good at waiting, though I should be, I've had to do it often enough. I am trying to let go and let the universe deal with this - and some days it is easier to let go than others. Today's post from you really helped. Thanks

Betz White said...

thanks for your words...both in your post and your comment.


Cindy L said...

Ah, very nice. I do love those serendipitous connections between kindred spirits. And I love White Crow's line, "...the twine we find today might very well be the belt we wear tomorrow..." I have to go visit his blog now, but want to thank you for sharing it.

Stubblejumpers Cafe said...

Suzanne: "I know, I've never figured out why we don't have psychic connections with those winning lottery numbers."

My .02: It's because we get what we *need*, not what we *want* or *think* we want/need. I tell people the same thing when I read their cards. They come wanting to know when they're going to meet their one true love or whether they're going to have a million dollars, when those are not the answers our souls are questing toward.

Like prayer, which they say is always answered, it doesn't seem like it when the person you prayed would live, dies instead. Maybe the prayer is answered, but not like we wanted, because there is more going on than providing us with what we want.

Stubblejumpers Cafe said...
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StitchinByTheLake said...

My belief, Suzanne, is that God gives us what we need each day, and sometimes He gives us clues to what is coming. We often overlook the clues, and consequently find chance meetings or events a complete surprise. What a blessing you received. blessings, marlene said...

i believe that your blog was sent to me to fill a need. i ALWAYS am moved by it. i can't start my day withour your words...i believe big time in the psychic super-hot line. when my son died our pshl sparked all the time and still does. amazing stories to tell about it. as the rolling stones told us.'you can't always get what you what, sometimes you get what you need'. i am careful of what i send up to the universe and try to learn from what i 'get'. take care, you are a treasure.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

I have been visiting Jesse's blog off and on since you mentioned him last on your blog. His writing is a delight. Thank you for featuring him again.

While I don't believe in psychic hotlines in perhaps the same way that you do, I do believe that all of our lives are interwoven in an some fantastical blanket of humanity so that nothing is wasted. The Designer at work??? (Yes, do get "The Shack." I'm sure that you'll find much in it to think about. I wept through it the first time as did John. He wept through it the second time, but I managed to remain dry-eyed most of the time.)

I am so sorry about your sister-in-law. May your reflections be gentle and filled with peace and hope.

Louise said...

Beautiful, thoughtful, well-written. I am so glad that life sends you what you need when you need it. But you know what? I think it happens to most of us. But we don't always recognize it. You have a thoughtful spirit that sees things that some others might miss. Maybe these contacts from special people seem blatant to you, but my guess is not everyone would see the value in it.

My heart to the Farmer's family. I know a lot of "looking forward to retirement" and "just retired stories" that are heartbreaking. We have to live today; we may not have tomorrow. And the biggest part of living is sharing with those we love.

lifeinredshoes said...

You're posts are inspiring...thank you.

bj said...

Good morning, Mrs. Farmer's Wife...
This is such a meaningful post today. Thanks so much for it.
I am in the middle of a pretty severe crisis and the words of Jesse helped me to rmember that we are always given what we need from Jesus Christ.
Thanks again and love,