Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday Morning Staff Meeting

It's that time again. The Monday Morning Staff Meeting is hereby called to order.

The first order of business is to thank each and every one of you who was kind enough to share your holiday tradtions. Personally I experienced Christmas in France, Norway, Seattle, Arkansas, Maine, Texas, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Virginia, Pothole, Ohio and literally all around the globe. I celebrated Chanukkah in California! Did you travel around the world also?


Sorry, there were no pictures of our Christmas eve filet mignon dinner. We scarfed it all down before I remembered the camera. Trust me, it was awesome.

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Instead of serving donuts or leftover Christmas cookies I planned to serve Norwegian lefse. Heidi, the Milk Man's wife is giving a lefse making tutorial. Unfortunately she only posted part one, and I quickly discovered that I don't have the correct equipment. A lefse rolling stick? Nah, I'm pretty sure I don't have one laying around the kitchen. I do have a ricer though.

Pop over to Heidi's blog and see if she's finished the lefse. Perhaps she'll share and we'll all get a taste.

I live in an area of northern Illinois that was originally settled by Swedes and there are few Norwegians and therefore no lefse. I've never tasted it, have you?

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I was thinking about the people who lived here before the Swedes arrived and wondered how they ever survived the cold northern winters. It was an incredible amount of work . I wonder if they ever slept under the stars in the summertime. I would love to sleep under the stars, somewhere away from light pollution.

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A while back my friend at Liberty Post tagged me to list things I'd learned in 2008. I promised to give it some thought and complete the task but honestly, this is much harder than it might seem. Certainly I must have learned something. The holiday was quite busy, not allowing for much introspection. Perhaps now that things have calmed down my mind can focus on this task. Feel free to join in.

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Many thanks to Lila who had such kind things to say about the apron that she purchased from my Holiday Market. I appreciate your support of my creative efforts. I'm exploring several avenues to raise some funds to hopefully attend the Blissdom Conference. I'm sewing up a storm in my little home studio. I'll be opening an Apron Market soon.

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Anything you'd like to add to the agenda?

I smell hot lefse. I think Heidi is walking in with a batch. Let's adjoiurn and eat!


Heidi said...

**hands hot lefse to Sue and pass's the rest around** Morning my dear! I love Monday staff meetings!!! I was going to email you, but didnt get the chance. Maple sap runs in February early March most of the time.....

chocolatechic said...

Passing around the last 3 pieces of peanut butter fudge.

Today on the agenda is clean up from the weekend.

My house is a wreck!

belladella said...

I've been introduced to lefse by my Minnesota inlaws- Norwegian of course. It's definitely an acquired taste. I am going to pop over and see how it is made. I've love learning about this stuff.

Happy Monday morning to everyone!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

No lefse aroma here...shoot!

I have a donut stick...wonder if that would work.

Yes, it's been way too busy here to be reflective...I count on reflective time this week. I'll be eager to read what you have to always!

Journey of Truth (Sarah) said...

My mum is half Norske so we grew up eating a ton of Norske foods. Lefse (potato pancakes) were served at our Christmas smorgasbords - and also enjoyed at the annual Viking Fest in Poulsbo, WA. Thanks for the memories!

martina said...

mmmmm LEFSE! Must check that out. I have a lefse rolling pin Grandma made by hand for Grandma and the lefse stick. Maybe Heidi will inspire me. Lefse with smor (butter) and cinnamon sugar is divine.

Chris said...

Happy Monday Suzanne!

I cannot think of a better way to begin a week than with warm lefse. Your staff meetings are the best!

I think I may have taken a picture of our Christmas prime rib, but I used my new camera and I haven't figured out how to download them yet...

Have a fab week, Chris

Anonymous said...

My maternal Grandma's family is Swedish. I have had lutefisk but never lefse. I wish I still lived in northern IL so I could find some good Swedish food! Once a year just isn't enough.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Suzanne, we are fresh out of sweets here at my house...well..maybe there's a lil pumpkin pie left.

The chair = we got it from DH's Grandmother 16 years ago....I love it!

Nathalie said...

Hi my name is Nathalie, Ninon for my friends, I follow your blig since several monthes now from Paris in France. It is always a pleasure for me to read your comments and see your wonderful photos.
I have a passion for the United States and I have a very precious friend Joy who lives in Arizona, she is a stitcher as me.
Tonight I dare to send you a little mail and wish you a happy new year from Paris.

Capitolady said...

I just love all your pictures. I am originally from NJ and living in the middle of the USA makes for some interesting culture shock. I love it here and would never leave. Reading your blog reminds me of why I am here.

Trish said...

Oh my....if you get the 'hang of it' send some lefse on over!

lifeinredshoes said...

I got my new Farmers Wife calendar, love it. I will think of you everytime I use it, whoa, that's epic.

bayouwoman said...

Does Heidi really live nearby? Ok, I think you answered my question on her blog---lefse is Norwegian,right?
Is that something like a potato latke? Showing my ignorance here. Thanks for sharing about your riverboat trips. I'd love to do that from one end of the MIss to the other!!!

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Suzanne; Well I must be the only living person in the world who does not know what lefse is. lol I guess I really need to be educated. hmmmm will put that on my long to do list for 2009.

Have a great week.


Cindy La Ferle said...

Suzanne, you have such a gift for bringing women together! Thanks so much for sharing your traditions and many friends through your beautiful blog. Have a wonderful New Year, and I look forward to your posts in 2009!

Stubblejumpers Cafe said...

"I live in an area of northern Illinois that was originally settled by Swedes and there are few Norwegians and therefore no lefse. I've never tasted it, have you?"

Oh yes. My dad's parents were of Swedish ancestry and my mother's dad was Norwegian, so lefse was always a treat at special meals for Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving. I never thought it was only Norwegians who make it though, and can confirm that this is true because my hubby's cousin in Sweden recently sent photos of himself and his mother making a big batch of lefse together.

Perhaps it's a Scandinavian delicacy, and we'll discover the Danes are old hands at making it too.
I planned to make a batch for Christmas this year but didn't get around to it. Yet. My family eats it rolled up with butter and white sugar, while Scott and his dad fill theirs with meat (ugh!) and say to me teasingly "Your family is spoiled." Sugar must have been hard to come by, back in the day.

You can buy it frozen at the Co-op store in town here (Wadena, Sask), and it's delicious but expensive of course.

Anonymous said...

You don't need a special rolling pin, just a stocking cover for any old one you have. Lefse is akin to a flour tortilla, except it is made with cooked mashed potatoes, and tastes much better. We were only allowed butter on ours. Certainly missing my grandmother now, Maybelle Engelbert Torkelson-Halverson. "Takk for maten..memories."