Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Morning Staff Meeting

Good morning! Yes, I'm back and ready to resume the Monday morning staff meetings.

The first order of business is the condition of this meeting room. It seems that while I was gone someone had a party. Seriously, I thought we were past this type of nonsense. The evidence (a empty Krispy Kreme box) was found stashed behind the overhead projector. I'll have my eye on each and every one of you during this meeting to determine who's on a sugar high.

In the past I have left you with something to read each day while I was gone, even if it was just a link to an archive post. This time I was just plain lazy. I hope you had a chance to poke around the archives on your own. You never know what you might find there.

We had a wonderful trip with some fun adventures. Unfortunately I'm suffering from something I can only describe as "Ship Rocking Syndrome". I'm certainly off the cruise ship but my entire world continues to sway to and fro. It's becoming annoying and I sincerely hope it doesn't last much longer. Has anybody else experienced this?

Tomorrow morning I'll start organizing and processing my photos. Stay tuned.

Here's some teasers:

- For the quilters in the group. I found myself in a very remote Mexican village, accessible only by boat and home to only 1,300 inhabitants and certainly more than 9 miles from anything. Taped to a pole in the tiny village was a flyer advertising some type of quilting event or show. I'm not sure until I attempt to translate the flyer. I can't imagine there was a sewing machine in this village, much less a quilt show.

- I traveled thousands of miles to find a serious contender in the Quest of the Holy Pie Grail. No one was more surprised than I.


More about this later in the week.

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A quick look at my Bloglines feeds tells me that you've been very, very busy while I've been gone. It's going to be a challenge to read all the new posts. Want to do this old lady a favor? Leave me a comment and let me know what you've been up to in my absense. Just do a quick synopsis and I'll feel better about not having missed everything.

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I missed you guys!!!!


Heidi said...

I AM SO SO SO SO SO GLAD YOU ARE HOME SAFELY!!!!!! Now I have to go back and read the post!!!! LOL

Jody Blue said...

Welcome back. In your absense I drank tea and posted a crochet rag rug. Look forward to hearing all about the pie... and your trip.

Amy said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to hear all about sea life from a luxurious point of view- hubby is out at sea every other six weeks but it's not very glamorous...

To catch you up, I've been baking...bread...good bread..I love bread....mmmmm...

Have a great day!!!

Becky said...

Glad you are back...missed the Staff Meeting! We just got back from a cruise to the Southern Caribbean....came back to snow an cold weather. After one of our cruises I had the ship rocking syndrome...doc said the fluid in the ear was out of whack. I think I took some Benedryl...OTC type of thing for a couple of days and it went away. Were the waves particularly rough? I seem to have it the most when it is. Becky

chocolatechic said...

Welcome back, and it wasn't me, she says with doughnut icing schmeared at the corner of her mouth.

Can't wait to hear all about your adventures.

lifeinredshoes said...

YOU"RE BAAAACK! Didyouhaveagoodtimewasthefoodgoodhowwasyourroomanyinterestingcharactersontheshipareyougladtobehome?
Oh, and the SRS will be gone in a couple of days, makes it interesting while you blow dry your hair!
Good to have you back, Red Shoes

Mary said...

Glad you are back! I've been moaning about winter, showing off some family heirlooms, moaning about winter, taking pics of flowers, moaning about winter, doing the college tour thing, and moaning about winter.

You didn't miss much.

belladella said...

Hope you had a great trip. Missed you while you were gone. Come on over today and check out Grandma Della's soup recipe. Yummy!

Texas Gardener said...

Welcome back! We had temps in the 70's and 80's last week and I cleaned out all the flower beds and put down new mulch. There are sprouts coming up all over the yard! Spring is right around the corner.

Chris said...

So happy your home! MISSED YOU, but enjoyed the archives...Hope that boat rockin' nonsense leaves soon.

As for me, I took a Oolong tea tasting class. Fun!


Louise said...

I'm dying to hear about the pie!

And I've been up to trying to catch up. It's a daunting task. You will be wise to not even attempt it.

diane said...

Missed you.

Vee said...

Welcome Home! I'm sure that it's not easy to rock your way to and fro back to the real world.

Nothing going on in my world, my friend. No need for you to go back...just pick up where you are.

Can't wait to see all that you have in store for us!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Matey! Waiting on baited breath to see some travel photos.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Matey! Waiting on baited breath to see some travel photos.

The Blue Ridge Gal

StitchinByTheLake said...

Sewing, cleaning house, babysitting with grandchildren, going to church, physical therapy, reading. I posted a couple of good recipes and some pictures of the second Mexico mission trip on my "other" blog. I'm a busy lady - I didn't realize it till I typed that list! Man, I'm tired! blessings, marlene

Suzanne said...

Heidi - Oh, I missed you and the cuddly and sweet Milk Dud.

Jody - I'm going over to check out that crocheted rag rug. I took some yarn and a hook with me on vacation but didn't actually crochet anything. One of the shows on the ship was someone billed as the World's Fastest Juggler. Scientists hooked him up along with some other people with electrodes and such and tested their speed and reaction times. The juggler beat out a jet fighter pilot (for speed) and some others but the one with the fastest reaction time and mental ability was a woman crocheter!!!

Amy - Out to sea every six weeks would be tedious after awhile. LIving in the midwest, we're landlubbers and flatlanders and although it's a fun excursion we felt like fish out of water......or a cow out the field.

Becky - The waves were not particularly rough. At one point there were 7 foot seas but I never got seasick on the ship or the catamaran.

Chocolatechic - Well, I figured it wasn't you because they were PLAIN donuts, not chocolate iced.

Red Shoes - Wehadagoodtimeandmanagedtofindsomelocalhooch. We also rode in an open air taxi known as a Hairdryer. HA.

Mary - I love your show and tells. So interesting. I don't envy you the college tour thing. Can't he simply go to the same college as your daughter? That way you only have to write one check!

BellaDella - The soup looks really good although I'm not fond of meat-in-a-can, I'll give it a try because it looks so darn good.

Texas Gardener - I remember living in Texas and having such an early spring. We're many months away from any type of gardening.

Chris - A tea tasting class? Sounds very interesting. I'm afraid my palate is very unsophisticated and could take some education.

Louise - I'll take your advice since my feeds list has 178 blogs!!! Ouch.

Diane - I love you. You are my dearest friend. I was thinking about you during all my adventures and wished you were there to experience the beauty of the cathedral and the simple beauty of the fishing village. You would have had fun.

Vee - Nothing going on is a very good thing in contrast to being stretched in too many directions. Besides, you are still a newlywed.

Blue Ridge Gal - I'm dealing with the photos now.

Marlene - That description wore me out. You've been doing alot. Slow down.

Thanks everyone for hanging loose while I was away. Missed you.

- Suzanne

Lucy said...

Hope you had a great few days away. Tell us all about it.

Cottage Rose said...

Welcome Back Suzanne; I have missed you... Unfortunately I was not very busy while you were gone. Having some personal family problems and they are working out. I hope to get back to making some great things. Oh and I be it was Connie who ate all that sugary yummys.. lol sorry Connie.. just had to say that.


Anonymous said...

So nice to have you home again and i sure hope you enjoyed your cruise..oh what am i saying,..I'm sure you DID enjoy
Look forward to hearing all about it.
luv Ann.xx