Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's so Fanute

I've often said that if producers brought TV cameras in here, they'd had a reality show hit. What's more "real" than putting an 88-year old, two aging Baby Boomers, a nursing student, two Chihuahua's and cat in a house to watch what happens?

Stuff happens. That's what.

There are lots of funny things and not-so-funny things, as is the case with most families I suppose. I hesitate to share some of the stories because at times it seems too much like the "Truman Show".

But the Farmer has said that he loves when I tell these funny little stories about him. We laugh a lot, the Farmer and I, because we've found that if you take life too seriously you're gonna make yourself sick and miserable.

He's so funny and cute, I call it "fanute".

We were sitting on our little patio with the dogs, simply enjoying the fresh air the quiet evening. We were discussing our day and suddenly, out of the blue, he says, "What's that bottle you have upstairs with the sticks poking out of it?"

Hmmmmmmm. OK, my brain doesn't exactly work the way it used to and I'm having a difficult time translating his question into an image. The only thing I can come up with that relates to a bottle with sticks is a reed diffuser. The only problem is, I don't have one!

My feet hurt and I seriously don't want to walk upstairs but his question has gotten the best of me.

I look around and start laughing so hard he can hear me outside.

I bring the item to the patio and he says, "What IS that thing?"

Can you guess?

I bet you can.

"Honey, it's a scrub brush!"

At this point I'll cut him a little slack because this isn't a traditional scrub brush. Heaven knows that his mother scrubs everything that doesn't move, but he was raised with the traditional old-fashioned natural fiber brush.

He never counted on a space age scrub brush.

NOTE: I think I picked this up at Target. It has a small reservoir on the bottom that hold cleaning liquid. Unfortunately, you still have to do the scrubbing!

MORE NOTES: You think I'm kidding about the reality show thing? My neighbor just called to ask my why the Other Mother was walking down the driveway with a Chihuahua and a butcher knife.

UPDATE: OK, first of all, Mary gets 50 points for sending me to the dictionary.
The rest of the story is that one of the pups got out while she was weeding. Yes, she weeds with an old butcher knife. The weeds don't stand a chance! She retrieved the dog and tottered along up the driveway. The concern is that she would fall. What would we tell the rescue squad?

I don't know. I'm off to find out though.


chocolatechic said...


Superman does the same thing.

Steph said...

I had to teach Lance to use a scrub brush the other day! He had to pee, and I had just squirted cleaner in there, and I said, if you gotta go, you gotta clean it first!

Anonymous said...

I have to get me one of those scrub brushes. The Farmer sounds like a keeper, too, but I realize he's spoken for already...

Rue said...

hehehehe..... that is fanute!

Mary said...

way too funny. I have purchased several of those over the years. They are great for keeping a corian sink clean, but not so great for that after hubby has taken outside and scrubbed the grill. Luckily the soap burned off or didn't taste. OK, now for the cliffhanger, we need the denoument.

LydaBabes Going Ons!!!! said...

Don't leave us in suspence......Where does one find these kind of stuck with a weirdOOOOOO.....

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha... such a combination, the knife and the teeny dog. I bet she looked hilarious! Can't wait to hear more about this.

The Blue Ridge Gal

dina said...

At one point in time we had 4 generations under one roof - ages ranging from less than ten to more than 90. It included one senior with early onset dementia.

I can relate, girlfriend. I can relate.

Mary said...

thanks for the points... did I spell it right? I read lots of mystery novels. Can you tell?

Heather said...

Okay, I'm kind of laughing at the image of your Other Mother, the Chihuahua, and a butcher knife hacking away at the weeds. What a sight!!

Totally off topic, but when we move the girls have asked for a pet. Soooo, I go onto to look at dogs (not puppies) up for adoption in the Phoenix area. I do my search for a small dog in the area and all that comes up are Chihuahuas!! Pages and pages of Chihuahuas.

Told you it was off topic...