Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Morning Staff Meeting

Good morning everyone! I know that not everyone joins us first thing in the morning, but it doesn't matter. Since this is a cyber meeting, you can join in any time during the day. And besides, it's always morning somewhere in the world.

The first order of business is the food. Yes, the food. This morning we are having yummy chocolate cupcakes, piled high with creamy frosting. Don't worry, I tested one and the frosting is light and fluffy, not sickening sweet. These are compliments of the Italian bakery.

They got a little smushed in the box on the way home but the taste is not affected by that. You simply turn the cupcake around so the smushed side is in the back.

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Yesterday I posted that wedding video and it got me to thinking about our wedding. It involved a cake accident (much worse than a smushed cupcake), a horrendous snowstorm and not being able to have my mom and stepdad attend the party.

The Farmer and I have always been go-with-the-flow kind of people and it's a good thing. If we'd been super-duper planning people, attached to the idea that everything must be perfection, we'd have been very unhappy wedding campers.

We didn't want any kind of formal wedding. Since we were paying for the wedding ourselves the budget wouldn't support such an idea and we weren't in any position to go into debt over nuptials. We were married at the county courthouse in judge's chambers. My grandmother and the Farmer's friend were our witnesses. My grandmother didn't know until we got her in the car because we couldn't count on her to keep a secret. Nobody knew we were getting married.

The next day we flew down to New Orleans for our honeymoon and mailed the invitations on our way to the airport, inviting everyone to join us for a party on our return.

New Orleans was fun. We sat on the floor at Preservation Hall and listened to jazz and walked over to Cafe du Monde for beignets and chickory coffee at 1 a.m. On the TV in the evening we watched the news of a horrendous snowstorm descending on Chicago. No worries for us, we were in the south.

We should have worried. The snowstorm started up anew when we returned home. It raged on and off for two weeks. My mom and stepdad came up from Nashville for our party. Another storm dropped snow that closed down the city. Literally.

The Farmer and I drove to pick up our wedding cake. From there we inched our way to the dry cleaners to pick up his suit. The streets were treacherous and the snow was piled 7 feet high on the sides of the road. There was no place to pull over, so the Farmer dropped me off and made a turn around the block while I went inside to get his suit.

I stood waiting for him as the snow continued to fly. He pulled up, I jumped in the backseat and noticed his face was pale.

"What's wrong honey?" I asked.

"There's a problem with the cake," he offered.


He lifted up his arm to reveal white and purple frosting smeared on the sleeve of his jacket! The car had slid on the ice and the cake had also slid - across the front seat and into his arm.

What could you do but laugh? And, we did. I couldn't lose sleep over a dented cake. But the disaster continued to grow. The next morning the restaurant called to say that there was no way we could hold a reception that day. The snow had continued overnight and even a snowplow couldn't make it into the parking lot to clear out the snow.

This was no news to us as we realized upon awakening that our reception wasn't going to happen. Again, neither of us lost sleep. We worked with the restaurant to reschedule, even though that meant that it wasn't possible for my mom and stepdad to make the trip from Nashville a second time.

The wedding cake? We found a freezer big enough to store it for two weeks and that's what we did.


We unfroze the wedding cake and turned it around so the smushed part was in the back.

The party was fun. Finally! None of the trappings were really important to either of us. We were just anxious to be together and get on with our lives.

P.S. I ain't ever getting married again. I've had two, count 'em TWO wedding cake disasters. My first wedding cake was displayed on a table whose legs collapsed at one end. The cake slid down the table and was caught (and smushed) by one of the guests.

Read more about our wedding cake here:


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Now it's time to draw the name for the backstage Pony Pass. I know you've always wanted a backstage pass!

The winner is........

"C" - the Stickhorse Cowgirl

Thanks for playing along.

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That's all I have for today. What about you? The floor is open. Funny wedding stories anyone?

Ask away.... discuss away.... sing, whatever!


Jenni said...

Stories like this make me feel very anxious. I used to do fancy cakes for the kids' birthdays and for any special family events. I've done Marine Corps birthday cakes, a 25th and a 50th anniversary cake (both wedding cake style) and two wedding cakes that were really for a small second (and more casual) receptions. I also did my brother's wedding cake which had me sweating bullets. Every time I do a fancy cake, especially if it is for a bigger event, I am stressed beyond belief. I enjoy the finished product and being able to say I did it, but I don't rest until that cake has been cut into and it no longer matters what it looks like. Transporting the cake is the scariest part. When I watch Ace of Cakes, I always hold my breath when they are transporting the cake. Now, if it were my cake, I don't know that I would be so stressed if something happened to it, but being the one responsible for making the cake and getting it safely to its destination is incredibly stressful.

Vee said...

You and the Farmer sound like pretty relaxed folks. Good thing considering cake disasters among other things. I enjoyed reading the comments on yesterday's post. People are so much fun! And you proved, yet again, that you are a relaxed kinda gal.

Vee said...

Oh, forgot to say congrats to C at Stickhorse Cowgirls!

bv said...

we were to be married the summer of 1966 but decided to do it at christmas 1965, why wait!? planned it in 2 weeks. called 75 peeps on the phone. what are you doing tuesday night? married in my church, dress (mini) off the rack, toasting and cake at mom and dads. it was a blast. that next summer we had our first baby! just spent the week end with my matron of honor!..i did weddings for years and OMG they get stupid. makes me love ours even more. happy monday.

cityfarmer said...

this should written for the whole world of lovers to read!!!

it's so darn hard to balance summer and blogging ...I'm out to change that today!!!!

I heart u

Anonymous said...

Here I am eating zucchini parmesean for lunch and what I would really like is a bite of your cupcake! :)

Maybe I'll have a piece of carrot cake for dessert....yeah, that sounds good.

Susan Z Acworth, Ga

Louise said...

If everything went perfectly at a wedding and reception, there would be not stories to tell. The "worst" wedding I ever went to was elaborate and beautiful, but not even the little kids in it goofed up. For all the beauty, it was a bit dull! (At my first wedding, a little boy did a somersault in the aisle. I much preferred that!)

Life is good! said...

enjoyed your wedding story, i love that you both can go with the flow, i am learning to do that better as i get older

Brenda said...

My hubby and I eloped to Las Vegas so there were very few frills. I did however want a wedding cake since that is my favorite desert. I called several places and explained that I wanted a small cake just for two, (we didnt' invite friends or family to go with us). I guess the bakeries in Las Vegas don't do small cakes because the smallest cake I could get was not very small and was going to cost 300.00. Needless to say we didnt' have a cake. We did have a delicious bread pudding that night that make up for no cake.

Jody Blue said...

we had a $500 wedding, dress, tux shirts groom tux, served water melon, we received so many "that was the funnest wedding we've ever been to " compliments, yes it is true ~ less is more!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! By the way, the pictures are very bad for my diet...very bad. C

Val said...

Our wedding cake was still frozen when we went to cut it at the reception....I mean seriously only an inch maybe thawed out on the edges.
Nothing odd or out of the ordinary for the day really. The wedding planning itself was stressful and in the end I realized why folks may elect to elope.

Rue said...

Good morning Suzanne :)

Some of the best weddings I've been to were relaxed and informal. Ours was dressy, but just with family around us. Best wedding I've ever been to and I'll bet yours was too, even with all the mishaps ;)