Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Good Old Days

We talk about the good old days but my friend Margie always reminds me that the good old days were not always that good.

"Don't kid yourself girl, it was a struggle," she admonishes.

It's true, it was a lot of work before time saving technology was available. But life was simpler and as one child pointed out to me, there are too many choices in today's world. The hard physical work of our grandmother's farm life made leisure activities all the sweeter.

Simple fun for kids - playing in a haystack.

First-person accounts of those days reveal that visiting friends was their primary social activity. When was the last time you just dropped in to visit with friends? I don't think we do that anymore, at least I wouldn't drop in uninvited. Well, unless I saw you sitting on your porch.

OId timers meet up to chew the fat.

Simplifying our lives lead to less stress. That extends to cleaning out those cupboards and divesting ourselves of excess stuff. I'm trying to work on that but the stuff around here has a life it's own. i swear it breeds at night when I'm not looking.

For those of you in northern Illinois, or within driving distance, the Steam Power Show (antique threshing bee) will be held at the Taylor Marshall farm in Sycamore, Illinois on August 13-16, 2009.

Waiting to husk the corn.

If you've never been to a steam powered threshing bee, it's amazing!

In the presence of the beast.

I think men have an innate fascination with engines and related stuff. Can you imagine your husband coming home with a stinking steam shovel??

Fire breathing dragon.

Well, the Farmer did go out for a six pack of beer and came back with a Corvette.

That's a whole 'nuther story..


Kitty said...

Amen to a simpler life! I sometimes feel, too, that our possessions are in danger of possessing us! We will soon have both of our grown children home so trying to make space in already overcrowded closets has been a challenge. By fall my husband and I should have the house back to ourselves as the kids move on into the next phase of their lives. Then it's time to pare down our stuff, so much of which, while I was moving it around brought to mind why I even have it! How did I come to own so much stuff that I don't really want? If you haven't heard the Keb Mo' song, "Keep it Simple" give it a listen. It says it all.

Ang. said...

*sigh* You have succeeded in making me homesick...again. I have not been to the Steam Power Show since my oldest (now 15) was a toddler! I think we may have to plan a trip back to Sycamore this August. That show was the highlight of my summer. We would walk there if we couldn't find a ride. It was only a 3 or 4 miles. (That was back when kids still walked.) I always thought the Marshall's were old (perspective!) but they always managed to climb onto that tractor to open the parade. They were such great folks. That's it. We are going this year!

Vee said...

Actually, it is one of my worst fears. He likes to own big equipment.

I miss visiting with friends the way it used to be done. Except that I don't want to be visited without a call first. Sigh. Life has just become so darned complicated.

Good luck with the clearing out...yes, it definitely multiplies. The laundry waiting to be folded multiplied for certain.

happyone said...

I've been to a few steam power shows here in MD and always enjoy them.

We are living someones good old days right now! :-)

Anonymous said...

And their fascination with wheels and cogs and moving parts begins soo young. My grandsons were only 2 years old when all they could think of was cars. Anything with wheels made them and STILL makes them happy. Sure makes buying Christmas and birthday presents easy though...:-)

The Blue Ridge Gal

Anonymous said...

P.S. Kitty, I love Keb Mo's music!

The Blue Ridge Gal

LydaBabes Going Ons!!!! said...

We use to go the the thrasher fest in DuQuion, Ill. They were so neat to see. Had an uncle that had a wood cutter ran by a tractor. Was neat. He is gone now so I don't know who got it....Am ready for the 50 and 60s. What we didn't know didn't hurt us. Too fast now a days. I still drop in on people....I don't care what they think. I am not going to make an appointment to see a person..... No one is that important......hahah.....

Christine said...

He came home with a corvette? LOL Geez, he might be related to my guy.

BittersweetPunkin said...

I wish my DH would go out for a six pack and come home with a


..Great photos btw :)

Karen Deborah said...

You've got a lot in this post. Yes to simple, yes to the good old days. There is another difference besides it being hard, which it was. The agricultural family unit was productive. The father was in the home the mother was in the home and everyone had to work to help the family make it. The majority of families today consume more than they produce and we wont even start on parenting.
Men and machines, yep got one who does that.
The show? Love stuff like that.

Jody Blue said...

That visiting thing is a lost art.
Our dining table was my husbands great grma's, it used to have 12 leaves, she would set ti out side and make it as long as it would go to feed the threshing crew. She would maybe really like a dishwasher, but my guess is it was in doing all those dishes that they refined the art.