Friday, September 11, 2009

In Remembrance - William Wren

Several years ago I became a part of something called Project 2996. Each person who agreed to participate was given the name of someone who perished on September 11. Since that time I remember William Wren and his family on this day.

In remembrance -

William Wren - age 61
Resident Manger - OCS Security
Confirmed Dead - World Trade Center

William Wren, a retired New York City firefighter, worked for OCS Securiy as fire security officers in the World Trade Centers.

Raised in Gerritsen Beach in Brooklyn, Wren graduated from James Madison High School, served three years in the U.S. Army and joined the New York City Fire Department. People remember him as a quiet, reserved man who never spoke of his firefighting adventures.

The New York Port Authority contracted with OCS as part of the additional safety precautions that were put into place after the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Five employees of OCS died on September 11, including Wren's neighbor of over thirty years, Richard Fitzsimons.

Both men were at work on that morning and Wren called his wife Pat shortly after 9 a.m. to say he was OK. But sirens were wailing in the background. Ten minutes later he called back to say that Richard was also OK and that Pat should call his wife and let her know.

That was a last time either family heard from the men. It is known that they continued to perform their duties, along with the other OTC employees who were lost - Philip Hayes, Larry Boisseau and Robert Mayo. They evacuated the day care center first, and with their intimate knowledge of the building continued to evacuate and bring others to safety.

These are just the barest facts of his life and his actions on that day. To tell his whole story, the story of his life and his death, would take an entire book. There are those who can remember him as the man who saved their lives. How would you ever repay a debt of that magnitude? You could remember.... and vow to live your life with the caliber of character exhibited by this man.

Just people..... just doing their jobs....thrust into extreme circumstances. Everyday heroes.

I want William Wren's wife Pat and their children to know that they are in my thoughts and prayers and that we will never forget their loved one or their loss.

A story published September 15, 2001 - The families waited.


theegggather said...

Suzanne - so touching. God forgive us if we ever forget this day in history.

A Semper Fi Mom

Kitty said...

We must never forget those who selflessly serve their fellow man.

Becky K. said...

What a wonderful project. One never wants to forget that each life lost was a family member and so important!

Thank You!

Becky K.

Lisa D. said...

I am not an American, but this was a day that touched Canadians very deeply too. It is a day I will never forget.

nutmeg said...

My Uncle is a lieutenant in the NYC fire dept, but not one of the first respondents that day. I will never forget his stories and his pain in the weeks to come.

May we always remember the fallen.

Rue said...

God Bless his family and all that perished that day. God Bless America...


Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

I thanked a fireman today, and tonight I will thank a serviceman. On my facebook page, I thanked the servicemen and first responders and told them how much they were appreciated. I like this remembrance of your special one on 9-11.

Farmchick said...

Such a wonderful thing that you are doing. We must never forget.

Jody Blue said...

We must all remember.

Anonymous said...

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