Thursday, September 10, 2009

You Know You Really Need a Vacation When....

..... you realize that you did not have a single thing to say anymore.

When take one camera on your trip and return with less than 10 PHOTOS!!! (When creative juices are drained you cannot "see" photos, much less take them). Normally I take a minimum of three of my cameras and return with upwards of 1,000 images to cull through and process.

When you don't see even one "sight", not even the Alligator Farm you swore to take in this time around. (Nope, nor the diamond mine or the botanical gardens or Presidential Library. Nothing, nada, zip.)

The Farmer golfed, alot. I dropped him off at the golf courses and picked him up, alot. In between I stumbled across wildlife including many curious fawns.

This seems to have been a bumper crop year for deer romance. I have never seen so many fawns in my entire life. It was a stinking Bambi explosion.

They took off running after they realized I was using them for blog fodder.

I also encountered a flock of wild turkeys.

They're in the brush, practicing their camouflage techniques.

A coyote made a mad dash in front of my car one night. It was too dark to get a photo and besides, I was practicing my defensive driving maneuvers.

I read lots of police reports in the local newspaper, whichis the best form of humor in this village. One police call involved a woman who called 9-1-1 after her friend failed to show up for the breakfast they'd planned at a local restaurant. It turned out the woman forgot how to get to the restaurant and went shopping instead. I'm not making this up!

I also read the classified ads in the same newspaper. There was a wedding dress for sale. "Perfect for Deer Hunt wedding. White and camo wedding gown - $800".

More wildlife. I kept my distance from this one.

I sat in a hotel parking lot and attempted to pirate their wireless connection to no avail. Hotels are getting savvy to scurvy pirate ways. I moved across the parking lot to a coffee shop that was closed (it was Sunday) and was successful at getting online with their WiFi signal. I was quite the sight sitting in the back seat of my car trying to catch up on your blogs.

Did I forget to mention that I had a fabulous massage?

The Farmer bought these:

I bought these:

The vacation was over and we drove home - 13 hours in a car with two chihuahuas and my mother.

I need another vacation.

The kind that involves an island with no roads and one brewery,


Kitty said...

Hmmph...was this your husband's vacation? Didn't you get to do anything fun?

Have you read Anne Morrow Lindbergh's "Gift from the Sea"? I always envied the thought of having a getaway like that.

I hope you at least got some rest and time to unwind. The fawns are beautiful little creatures.

Glad you're back!

Thirkellgirl said...

Yay, you're back!
"They took off running after they realized I was using them for blog fodder." This cracked me up. Your slightly warped sense of humor is still intact but I agree, you probably could use another, better, vacation.

Ang. said...

Glad you are home! I really understand about the loss of creative juices. I've been experiencing that for months! I hope that your vacation was a little helpful in that direction. :)

StitchinByTheLake said...

Wasn't it in Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts said "let's just veg out...make like a cabbage (or some other vegetable!)" There are times when we need to do that - I think we are resting our soul. Good for you! blessings, marlene

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Susanne; Love the Bambi photos,how sweet they are... But I don't the spider one is one of my favs.... ick.... love the news paper news that was fun... but you did not seem to have a fun time.... I think you deserve your Island, not go and find one...... have good week


Diva Kreszl said...

Well I'm glad you're back! Your posts always make me laugh...I did enjoy catching up with all your old posts while you were away though!

chocolatechic said...

So very glad to have you back.

Lisa D. said...

Glad to see you back and hope the vacation was restful. Sometimes that's what we need out of a vacation instead of trying to see all the sights - just get away from all the daily responsibilities and just do nothing.

I love the wedding dress ad. I married into a family of hunters - Grandpa is currently ordering fleece camo for all my children, including the 2 year old, so that his grandchildren can go out hunting with him (no, the 2 year old will not be going hunting, but Grandpa didn't want her to feel left out!). A camo wedding dress is something new though - I can't even imagine. Was there no picture?

lisa said...

I’m confused about the two things of mayonnaise?

Suzanne said...

Kitty - Kind was his decompression period after losing his job, intended to recharge his batteries for the next challenge.

"Gift from the Sea" is high on my list of the next book to read. I've had lots of people say it's a wonderful book.

Thirkellgirl - My sense of humor is more than slightly cracked...believe me on this one.

Ane - I'm glad to be home also. Actually, I missed my sweatshop alot. I love to sew and I was missing that.

Marlene - I agree that sometimes we just need to do nothing.

Alaura - The newspaper is always a source of comedy. I will find my island - sooner than later I hope.

Diva - I'm glad you were able to play "catch-up" with the old stories. It seemed like the best way to provide something everyday for people to read.

Chocolatechic - Thanks! I've got to pop over to your site to see what wonderful things you've been baking while I was gone.

Lisa - There was no photo of the white/camo wedding gown. I think it could be cool and should possible be a challenge for Project Runway!! We've spent lots of time in Northern Wisconsin which means we have lots of blaze orange clothing - so we don't get shot accidently!! They even have blaze orange vests for the dogs.

Lisa - About the mayo. This is my FAVORITE mayonnaise. It's not available north of the Mason/Dixon line and so when I'm in the south I pick up a batch to last me for awhile. Usually I grab a half dozen jars but this is all that was available at the local grocer. It's lighter and just different than Hellman's. I heard that Duke's is also a great mayo but I haven't seen it on the shelves where I travel.

Thanks everyone for joining me again today. Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to visit with me.

- Suzanne

lifeinredshoes said...

You're baaaaack!!!!!
Would you like some help with the laundry?

Steph said...

Welcome back!

Jayne said...

Suzanne, your blogs are always so entertaining. I do try to be clever and witty like you do in your blog entries, but mine always fall short. I've read your blog for awhile, but this is my first comment, I believe. Anyway, glad you are back, and next vacation, go to Key West...there's plenty of bars and the ocean surrounds you! It was one of our best vacations.

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Rue said...

LOL..... Welcome home Suzanne :)