Friday, October 2, 2009

Field Trip - Pioneer Fest, Day One

Fall in the midwest means the harvest fests are beginning. Each community seems to have it's own variation. Nearby St. Charles, Illinois holds a Scarecrow Fest and Sycamore has it's Pumpkin Fest.

Today we're going to attend the Autumn Pioneer Festival that's held at the Boone County Conservation Heritage Gardens.

Shall we travel by stagecoach?

....or by prairie schooner?

Neither one looks comfortable but I'm assured that the stagecoach was a smooth ride due to it's suspension system. It's a reproduction of a Wells Fargo coach.

An frontiersman is here to greet us.

Local tradesmen hold a discussion.

Families have set up their tents. Re-enactors spend the weekend living in their camp set-ups.

Some of the tents look very homey and inviting. I love the quilt. It gets very cool at night and I imagine it would take several of those to keep warm.

Looking to the left along a pathway, we see that Napoleon's troops have set up camp.

The French camp.

One of their tents.

One of the Napoleonic re-enactors.

Further on are some of the more basic shelters. This is not much more than a rain fly.

This flintnapper demonstrates how to create stone tools and arrowheads. My sister took a class in this skill and it's very difficult to master.

The period clothing was very interesting.

Someone takes a nap inside their tent.

A man and his dog.

The littlest pioneer.

Come back tomorrow and we'll continue our tour of the Pioneer Festival, including a visit to the Pottawatomie Indian camp and some of the food.

There will also be a field trip giveaway. Don't miss it!


Jenni said...

That looks nothing like our town's upcoming Pioneer Days, which is pioneer in name only. There used to be an annual Trappers Rendezvous at a nature park in west Wichita. I took the kids almost every year. It was wonderful, and we learned so much. Then they switched locations and it didn't go as well. They finally stopped having the rendezvous in Wichita altogether. Where we lived in Ohio the fall festivals seem to have a common theme--drinking. There's a lot of German heritage and they like to pretend they're replicating Oktoberfest. The only real similarity is a bunch of drunk German people, though. No lederhosen in sight.

Ang. said...

That looks like so much fun! I love these sorts of festivals. So much to learn and see and do.

Are you going to Pumpkin Fest this year? Let me know if you are and we can plan a meet up.

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

Suzanne, what a blast! I love the fact that this fest appears to hold true to what it stands for. Here in Calif there are so many "festivals" that claim in name to be one thing or another... but all are really just cater to the same ol fast food booths, a little same ol music and alot of things to spend money on that have no true character. I love this fest. Wish I could visit. Vicki

Jody Blue said...

What a fun way to peek into the past,thanks so much for sharing!