Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The One that Got Away

Actually, it's the second one that's gotten away in the last year.

The Pink Beauty

Awhile back I had a chance to buy one from the sewing machine guy who sold me Beverly.


But the Farmer had just lost his job and I had a tuition payment looming so I took a pass. I knew that there would be another one appear from somewhere. I haven't seen one on Ebay for quite awhile but I did find one (very affordable too) on Craigslist, but in another state.

I e-mailed the seller and he agreed that he'd be willing to ship it. I asked him to compute the shipping charges and let me know, I'd transfer the money via PayPal. That was the last I heard from him. I didn't follow up. Why? Because something inside told me he wasn't really committed to following through and I have learned over the years to listen to my instincts. And so, she slipped away.

There will be another one on the horizon, one with my name all over it.

Why do I need another machine? It will help me work faster if I have two sisters side-by-side, threaded with different colored threads. Most of my projects take two or three different thread colors and constantly stopping and starting is annoying.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. HA.

Now...... if I have three machines, things will positively spin out of control and I'll be a one-woman factory. That's what I'm telling myself because I have a 1950's LAVENDER machine in the garage that I picked up at Goodwill about a month ago. I've got to get it out to Zoltan-the-retro-sewing-machine-repairman out in Rockford so that he can tune it up and add a new belt.

Three machines. Oh.....four if you count the modern-plastic-multi-stitch-machine that won't sew through anything thicker than toilet paper.

But, who's counting?


chocolatechic said...

I'd love to see a picture of them all side by side and you sewing..

It is perfection!

Donna said...

LOL... I can just picture sewing a roll of tp. Ha! Beverly is a beautiful sewing machine.

Thanks for sharing

Vee said...

Sounds like a rainbow... You've hit on my number one pet peeve...different thread colors. So now I sew only with white or black thread. What a world of difference and I'm saving myself a fortune in sewing machines.

Lisa D. said...

Beautiful sewing machines. I wish I had the time and a place to do some sewing. Maybe someday! I have my mother-in-law's old sewing machine, and it's almost identical to my mother's machine. Both are about 40 years old. Just basic, good machines.

MelissaD said...

Oooh I'm jealous of your lavender machine. It's my favorite color - now I may have to look for one!
I still have my Mom's old 50's machine in pink and yes, it out-sews the new modern 20+ stitch thing made from plastic.
Enjoy your rainbow !!

the vintage wren said...

Beverly's beautiful. Great idea having multiple setups, anything to make creating faster is a good thing.

love it.

Freda Marie said...

I am so interested in these machines...are they regular sewing machines or embroidery? I so agree that today's plastic machines won't sew through butter and definitely need to use a bumper to go through three layers of fabric. I have two plastic, one embroidery and one regular stitching and would love to have a heavier unit.

Louise said...

I LOOOOOOOVE the idea of a different machine for each thread color! How very perfect! (Of course I would need a new room for that, but who's counting?)

Anonymous said...

Well, I've only got one and no table to set it on. Waaah!

The Blue Ridge Gal

Carol said...

I still have my Mother's Sewmor, just like the green one on your post today. She won it in a jingle contest in the mid 50s. She sewed all our clothing on that machine, and I learned to sew on it. It made the neatest straight stitches. I wonder if it would be worth repairing? I haven't tried sewing on it in years. I sew everything on my 29 year old Bernina.


cityfarmer said...

my sewing room houses two and beast ...I bought beauty for auto-buttonholes ...the beast stays tuned up for the thicker than toilet paper projects ....btw ... the beadt is a re-conditioned Kennmore ...made of steel .. I love it ... 30 Years ago I carried it in its swank-y carrying case to an adult education sewing class for six weeks ... that class served me well enough to teach the kids to sew ...

off to the craft room!