Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Morning Staff Meeting

Good Morning everyone. How are you this fine morning?

I recently read a series of questions posed to one of our local weathermen, which included a query about a pressure system (or something meteorological) that sits over Greenland, creating something similar to the El Nino/El Nina phenomenon on the west coast. The result of this Greenland thing is that our summer will be a bit cooler, as it was last year. That's good news for me because I hate the heat, although the corn needs heat to develop properly. Anyway, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous the past couple of days with clear skies and nice mild temperatures.

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First on the agenda is food. We're going to be having pancakes and bacon this morning, but not just any old pancakes and bacon. We're going to be having sweet potato pancakes made with this mix I found at the local food store.


Sometimes I just grab a product that I see on the shelves that looks interesting. I love to try brands that aren't mega-marketed. I've never heard of Bruce's before. These pancakes are awesome, very moist and different than some of the regular pancake mixes that are dry. I love when I find something great like this but I'm always afraid that the store won't continue to carry the item.

I've worked in retail and let me tell you that manufacturer's really fight for shelf space. The little guy is very often squeezed out. I'm glad to see that Bruce's has an online presence and it's a Cajun business with lots of other great things. I can continue to order even if the store gives them the boot.

Bruce's Foods

Anyway, help yourself to some pancakes.

Oh, and the bacon.


There's something different about the bacon. Taste it and tell me if you can figure it out. I'll be back later this week to tell you a great bacon story and give you this recipe.

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I'm making progress on painting the house shutters. I'm in a race to see if I can finish before neighbor Bill finishes painting the house.

To those who have asked, no, I'm not using a sprayer. I'm painting them by hand with a brush. Thirty-two of them. It's actually very relaxing to me. I paint in the garage, very early in the morning. It's just me and the birds chirping outside.

We were tired of the green shutters and since our new porch lights are black, we decided to paint the shutters black. Photos will be posted when everything is back in place.

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It seems like I'm painting anything that doesn't move around here. I'm painting a desk for my sewing room and also a vintage sewing machine table for an art auction to raise money for Make A Wish Foundation. The challenge is to create art from a piece of furniture. We'll see how my concept turns out.

Here's the before:


Look familiar? I bet your mom or your grandmother had one. The sewing machine was hidden inside until it was called into duty.


This table housed my lavender sewing machine.

I've no desire to ever create anything with a "message". Gosh how I hated it when teachers insisted that we find the message in a story, a book or a piece of art. It drove me nuts because I just wanted to enjoy it, not pick it apart until we'd beaten the life out of the thing.

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This is the part where I turn the meeting over to you. Whatever you want to discuss is fair game.

If you want to stick around till the meeting is over and help me paint shutters, I'll find you a spare brush!


Michelle said...

Have a great day, and I can't wait to see how the cabinet turns out.
Your pancakes sound yummy.

Steph said...

Hmmmm I'm thinking top those pancakes with a little butter and brown sugar or maybe some marshmallow fluff? Sounds yummy!

Debbie said...

Good morning! Thanks for breakfast. I rescued a machine almost like that one from my neighbor's curb a few months ago. It's in my blog list somewhere. The machine is a 'Universal' and it's an aqua color. Very retro, very pretty and in good condition.
Yes, I know. But my neighbor is a male.
Good luck on your shutters. We have 30 windows. I'd go nuts.

Thirkellgirl said...

Well, howdy! I'm scared to eat sweet potato pancakes. Aren't they really sweet? Just some triple-berry toast and an extra cup of coffee here this morning. Then off to Ikea to brainstorm how to cheaply PB-Teen my daughters' shared room while they're away at the beach. Then...nap this afternoon while it rains. "A good time was had by all."

shelly said...

We actually used to make sweet potato pancakes back in the day when I was trying to get every once of veggie product into my kids! They were delish :) much better than the chocolate beet cake!

chocolatechic said...

Oh, the pancakes and bacon look wonderful.

Not much going on here. It is laundry is being hung in the basement.

The end.

Vee said...

Suzanne, you can't imagine what a kick it is for me every time I find a new post. I mean it. You put a grin on this old face every time. No pressure or anything, just sayin'...

(I'm going to hop to the last thing...I confess that I was a teacher...I love to look for the meanings in things. The peeling away of layers and if an author or painter or anyone is creating some treasure for the partaker to find that way, it's a special joy to the artist. I suppose it does not detract to just enjoy for enjoyment's sake alone.)

Back to the middle... the pancake mix must be very good since I consider you a "foodie." (Ordinarily, I despise pancake mixes.) Oh you mention the fight for shelf space, but what's going on with empty shelf space? Any thoughts?

Moving on, hand painted shutters are the way to'll last much longer.

I'm delighted to learn that the summer will be cooler. My kind of summer! Not 60s, but 70s kind of summer that is.

Have a great week...looking forward to seeing the finished project!

Millicent said...

Glad to hear from you today. It's been very hot here in Texas and we're already in drought conditions. I hope you are right about some cooler summer weather. I'd love that! The pancakes are yummy and I can't wait to see how you cooked the bacon later this week. Glad the shutter painting is giving you peace.

lifeinredshoes said...

I would love to help you paint shutters, it would give me a chance to pick your brain!
If you get a chance, put down your brush and scoot on over to my place. I'd like to hear what you have to say about todays subject. I really value what you have to say, so share if you will.
P.S. I'll make sure to have a batch of caramel pecan sticky buns hot out of the oven to serve:)

Farmchick said...

That pancake mix looks good actually. Can't wait to see how you made the bacon. Bacon is one of my favorite foods.

lifeinredshoes said...

Thank you!!!

myletterstoemily said...

no fair! tempting us with pancakes
and bacon, that's not bacon?

it's always fun to read your wittty