Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Morning Staff Meeting

Good morning everyone. It's good to see your smiling face this morning. I desperately need some human contact. More about that later. First, let's eat.

This morning we're going to have an oven baked apple pancake, one of my favorites.


It's good with real maple syrup, or just some powdered sugar.


Help yourself, there's plenty. If you'd like the recipe, go here:


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I mentioned the need for human contact. It's because I've been sequestered in my house with a paintbrush in my hand. It's been all painting, all the time around here lately. I feel as if I was born with a paintbrush in my right hand.

There are only four shutters needing a second coat. Let's do the math. Thirty-two shutters, each needing two coats is equal to painting a shutter 64 times. I'll probably get on that task of finishing those four shutters as soon as this meeting is over. And thanks for all the offers of help. If you were my neighbor I would certainly take you up on it.

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I've also finished painting the old desk I purchased at a local antique store for $35. It's from the late 1930's or 1940's. My uncle had a similar desk in his childhood bedroom, along with a wagon wheel headboard and cowboy wallpaper.

The finish on the desk was looking sad and worn. Instead of refinishing it in a dark stain, I painted it black to coordinate with the other things I plan for my sewing room. I used three thin coats of black satin enamel instead of one heavy globby coat. Since I hate working with urethane (thin, drippy mess) I finished it off with a coating of paste wax.

I love this stuff. There's a brand called Butcher's Bowling Alley Wax that is terrific, but I had this on hand and I wasn't about to go purchasing more. It's similar in texture, smell and formula to shoe polish. You know, the one that comes in a can with the twisty key on the side. It works pretty much the same way. You apply a thin coat of the paste wax with a soft cloth (I used an old white sock), let dry for 10-15 minutes and wipe and buff to finish.

It's not exactly easy work though. I call it the "Karate Kid" method of surface finishing - Wax on.....Wax off. It's necessary to apply some pressure to get the desired buffed effect. I also used some Brasso to fresh up the hardware.

Picture of the finished desk to follow soon.

The desk is in my sewing room which I've totally torn apart to remodel. Here's the chaos.


And more chaos.


There was no way I could totally empty out the room and so I just moved stuff back and forth while I painted walls, two at a time. I love, love, love the new wall color which is also the color in my bedroom closet. It's an Olympic color called "Morning Fog". I had it color matched and mixed in a Behr formula because I like Behr paints. It's a very calming beach glass blue.

I'm starting to put things back together.


I've got plans to nicely tie back those curtains and hang some shelves and artwork.

Stay tuned.

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I've been devouring books lately. In the past week and a half I've read two of Bill Bryson's books. More on those later this week.

So, what have you been up to? I'm turning the meeting over to you. Feel free to discuss...... whatever!


chocolatechic said...


Not much going on here.

I desperately need to get out of my house too, but there is no where to go.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Suzanne.

I have been at the painting factory for the last few weeks myself, so I feel your pain.

I just bought Bill Brysons "A Walk in the Woods". I think you may have suggested it before. I haven't started it yet because I am reading "Skeletons on the Zahara" by Dean King, another you may have suggested. Hello, my name is Kathy and I am a bookaholic.

Glad you have been poking your head back on here now and then, missed you.


Ang. said...

Good Morning! I have been enjoying the much awaited and anticipated return of that great, golden globe in the sky. We have finally been able to get some of our garden planted. It looks to be a dry week so I can get the rest put in. We have started to butcher chickens. I can't wait to have that job done. Love the taste of our homegrown chickens but the work getting there is enormous.

Mary Rex said...

MMMMM-M. That pancake looks scrumptious! I will have to make that soon. Thanks for the recipe.
I am re-doing my little craft room too, and have pictures similar to yours. I am stuck on what to do next, so I just go in there and sit and look. We are re-doing our basement too with new recessed lighting, engineered wood floor, and we will finally paint the "naughty" pine panelling that makes the room so dark. Isn't remodeling fun? I can hardly wait to see how your table turned out.

Susan said...

Suzanne, lovely breakfast. Thanks. We are great fans of Bill Bryson. Anxious to hear your comments. Just think, you will be done painting shutters TODAY!!!!

Vee said...

No painting. Lots of reading. Hurried preparations for a holiday that isn't even until next week.

Hope that you can get out and away soon. Very important. I've never had such cabin fever in May myself.

Love that room color! I mean love it as in I'd copy it if I were going to be doing some painting. I'm so glad that you are creating a space for yourself that you will love. After all, you are spending a lot of time in there so it might as well be a great space in addition to being work space.

See you next Monday if not before!

Yes, I am going to try that apple pancake. It looks divine.

Steph said...

We're almost finished planting cotton, I'm beginning to have enough grass in our yard to mow, and as soon as we sell this batch of chickens, we'll be going camping in the Smokies! I've already told Henry that he could be our official photographer.

Sarah Oldham said...

I can't wait to read what you have to say about Bill's books. I find them rather cheeky and delicious, myself!

Glad you're back to blogging. I've missed you and wondered if you were doing well. Painting is a chore.

Debbie said...

That pancake looks soooo good. I have a similar recipe, but I think I'll try yours. I'm still not feeling well and my painting is patiently waiting for me to finish. Let it wait!

Anne Marie said...

I missed seeing you this past weekend! and that pancake looks delicious!!

Millicent said...

Thanks for the recipe. I can't wait to make it myself. I've not read Bill Bryson. Will have to see if they have a copy or 2 at the library. Thanks for the visit. Glad the sewing room is looking so nice. It will give you inspiration!

Nance said...

am thankful you are here Monday mornings for the Staff Meetings. I always learn something new!

Lisa D. said...

Your sewing room is going to look lovely once it's all done! I don't mind painting and I love a freshly painted room, but I hate the chaos of moving things around (because there's never room to move it all out), and repairing/washing walls before the painting.
I remember getting our house ready to sell when our oldest son was about 2. He got into the bucket of drywall mud and was spreading it on the wall of our bedroom, all proud of himself because he was painting. And when we painted the living room, we started during his nap, and then once he woke up we pulled his high chair into the room and kept feeding him Smarties so we could finish.

Nedine Says said...

Love Butcher's Wax. You can also darker it for a more antique look by adding an inch or so(less if you don't want it that dark) of Burnt Umber or Raw Umber oil paint from a tube. Mix it up in a paper cup, Covered,it keeps a long time too.

Suzann said...

Good Morning. My have you been busy.
Me, I'm just resting. Nothing more. Resting and healing.
Embrace today!! It's a gift.