Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Very Simple Meal

Last evening I prepared cheese enchiladas for dinner. I served them with a hastily assembled salad and called it a day. There was no enchilada sauce in the pantry and so I substituted a can of chili. It was actually very good and there was not even a spoonful left after the family had their way with it.

The Farmer commented, "That was a nice simple meal, easy to put together."

Whoa.... I shot him a look that could burn through paper. Yeah, he of never-having-ever-put-a-pan-of-enchiladas-together.

"Well, it seems like it would be an easy meal," he stammered.

I laughed. "Sorry, honey. An easy meal refers to a TV dinner."

After 40 something years of worrying about what's for dinner, I can confess that mostly I don't care. Again, let do the math. (I love doing the math in these situations).

On average I cook dinner 6 days a week. Sometimes I even cook on vacation - now that's crazy!

Anyway, 6 days a week x
52 weeks x
40 years

equals ------ HOLY COW, that's 12,480 meals.

No wonder I'm out of ideas and could care less.

I shouldn't complain though because when my aunt made dinner she started with chopping the wood for her cast iron cookstove. Yikes! She could fry a mean pan of chicken though. Oh yeah, she butchered the chicken also.

My idea of what's for dinner - funnel cakes!

Have you noticed that the younger men cook? All of my nephews cook.

As for me, forget a underwear model with six-pack abs. Just give me a man that can cook!

P.S. Sandy, my loyal reader from South Carolina was having trouble posting a comment yesterday. She reminded me about the house on The Waltons TV show. Now that's a house that you could get comfy in. Screen doors slamming and the sound of the old treadle sewing machine in the parlor. Thanks Sandy.


jrmom said...

Now isn't that interesting?! I visited the site you suggested yesterday looking for The Walton's. I am a huge fan, own 7 seasons on DVD and 2 specials so far. And, by the way, was born in South Carolina. Little things make me go "hmmm?". Great blog!!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Suzanne! That's incredible to think about. I love to cook, but when I see that number it makes me exhausted!
What a fun stop!

Vee said...

Yeah, well, here's another gal who could not care less what's for supper. My son cooks, too. Almost exclusively. He enjoys it; my dil isn't complaining.

You don't want to know how much time I spent looking for pictures of "Dark Victory" sets. I found heavy draperies, outside patio scenes, chenille bedspreads, and a damask sofa. Hmmm...

Oh, I did love the Walton home...very cozy. And that one-room living area was wonderful.

Lisa D. said...

Wow, I haven't cooked nearly that many suppers yet, and I'm already tired of it! I love cooking a meal for company, but it's the everyday cooking that gets to me. Every day make lunch, then begin to plan supper and try to come up with something that all 4 children are going to eat without complaint, or something that I love enough to put up with the whining. Then clean the kitchen and plan to do the whole thing over again the next day. Blech! And my husband doesn't have a clue how to cook, but he has enough either single friends or friends with wives who can't cook, to appreciate his homecooked dinners. Both my brothers are excellent cooks though, and I will be making sure both of my sons can cook.
By the way, your post on houses yesterday had me dreaming about various houses last night! :)

Bailie said...

You want dinner again? ugh! Whenever I tell the kids "your on your own tonight", they love it. Not sure what that say's for my cooking tho! lol maybe they should start cooking for me!:)
As far as the movie houses.....I have always love Francesca's house on ~The Bridges of Madison County~

Marla said...

OH MY Gosh... I have never figured it up like that... UGH.. no wonder we women/cookers of multitudes of meals get tired of figuring out what to cook, then cooking it, then cleaning it up...

Mary Rex said...

I love the planning stage. Sitting down with the Sunday circulars that show the sale items. Figuring what I have that needs to be used up. Looking at my cookbooks for easy recipes...and then eating grilled cheese or peanut butter sandwiches instead for most of the week!;) But then it is just me and my 86 year old mom, and she is completely tired of the whole routine and is glad when I make anything.