Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday Morning Staff Meeting on Tuesday

Welcome to the Monday Morning Staff Meeting on Tuesday. I know, I know, I didnt' alert you to the change. Here's something to make up for the slight -

Source - Norske Nook

It's a slice of raspberry pie from the Norske Nook in northern Wisconsin. If you would like something else feel free to order anything from the menu. They also have Lefse and other Scandanavian items. I'd skip the the Lutefish if I was you.


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I'd like to thank Sharon from Farm and Fru Fru for putting me on to the work of an artist who creates amazing things using toilet paper rolls. Who could believe that art would lurk inside a cardboard roll. Look at this and be prepared to be amazed.

Source - Anastasia-Elias

It's wonderful how the piece looks in different light.

If you'd like to see more, go to the artist's website.


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OK, I know I'm getting old but a recent e-mail made me feel even older. I got something from Walgreen's, promoting their "Pre-Black Friday" specials. One of the featured items, touted as a Christmas gift idea, was a rolling walker. You know the kind that senior citizens use when they're out shopping. It seems it's their answer to a sports car because it's painted a metallic Candy Apple red and has a seat where you can sit and rest.

I think I'll take a pass on this one. It's hardly what I consider a thoughtful Christmas gift idea.

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You'll remember that on my recent trip to Hot Springs I attended a concert performed by the American Tenors. It was really terrific. The best part about it is that I was exposed to opera. never in a thousand years would have believed that I'd like opera, but I guess when you hear a beautiful song sung live, it just grabs you.

This is the concept behind something called Random Acts of Culture. It's basically a flash mob. What that means is that it's a group of people who get together, plan and rehearse a performance (dance or music, pop or classical). They then set a time and place and on cue, without the knowledge of the general public, perform their piece.

The idea behind Random Acts of Culture is to expose people to cultural events that they would normally not participate in. For example, here's the Halleuiah chorus being sung in a department store in Philadelphia. The shoppers are not aware of what's going to take place.

If you follow the link to Random Acts of Culture you can view the video of two dancers doing the tango in the Charlotte, North Carolina airport.



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That's all for me today. I've got to run and get some things done. Have a great day and thanks for visiting with me.


Thirkellgirl said...

We ate at the Norse Nook when we were in Hayward dropping Katie off at school! I never knew Hayward (or northern Wisconsin, really) existed and now it pops up over and over! Happy Thanksgiving to you! Are you cooking a turkey? I'm cooking a 14.2 pounder for the 4 of us... at 39 cents a pound it only makes sense to have lots of leftovers.

chocolatechic said...

Just wanted to say happy Tuesday and I hope that your weather isn't to bad.

Lisa D. said...

I was thinking of you this weekend. We had a surprise 40th birthday party for a friend on Saturday. She'd made beef on a bun and had half of us bring a salad, and half of us bring a pie. Pie is his favourite dessert. I made a French Silk Pie with a chocolate crumb crust.
That is pretty amazing art work for a toilet paper roll.
I think those Random Acts of Culture are a pretty neat idea. I bet that would be a lot of fun to participate in.

Becky said...

I've been thinking of you! I haven't forgotten you and our Postcards.....I've just been busier than a bee in a bonnet. Connect with you soon!! Happy Thanksgiving!
Hugs, Becky

Vee said...

My dear, it was well worth the wait. Perhaps I'm overly emotional today what with Molly's bath and all, but that Random Act of Culture has me in tears. How marvelous! Thank you for sharing it today.

Dodie said...

I do so wish I could go to that Norske Restaurant. We always had Lefse for Christmas dinner when I was a little girl. My grandmother came from Norway.
I loved the videos. Saw the one of the singers on Facebook earlier.
Have a great Thanksgiving. We are have Cornish Hens.
Oh yes, were you close to the tornado yesterday? My family in Rockford and Caledonia were too close for comfort they said, especially my niece on her horse farm near Caledonia.

Leslie T said...

You made me laugh with the ad for the walker. I know the exact one you're talking about -- my mom bought one of those for herself a few months ago and she's happy as a little clam. She walks to the beauty parlor every Friday morning and gets her hair done. When it rains she drives, but if the sun is out she trundles her little walker the six blocks to the salon. She puts her purse in the compartment under the seat, so she won't get mugged unless somebody wants to flat-out steal her walker.
I got a kick out of how excited she was when she made this purchase. So hey, you never know what might be considered a good "gift" although I would agree with you that I'm doubting that many people would want to find this item under their Christmas tree.
Oh my gosh, I'm still laughing.... thanks for another great post, Suzanne.

Susan said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Suzanne! You have made my week. I love that Tango...now if only Al Pacino would come into the room to dance with me....I can dream. Thanks.

QuiltNCards said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Suzanne,
I do know the Norske Nook! We used to go there between the Twin Cities and Superior, WI. The pie is to die for, and I have had the leftsa, too. Good memories.
What a wonderful ramdom act of culture for you to put that into the MM meeting. I, too, have had a good cry at the loveliness of it all. Watched the Tango, too. What a sexy dance that is. I'd muck it up though.
Thanks for sharing - You are a friend to be thankful for.
<3 Terri