Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wild Night

No, not out partying!! We were trying to get some sleep during that storm. It was a loud snowstorm. That sounds stupid but the wind was a steady 30 mph, gusting up to 60. It sounded like a train was going down the road, all night long.

This morning the view is snowy and the local news station says that we had 20 inches in nearby St. Charles - northern Illinois for those of you who asked where we are located. It's about 50 miles due west of Chicago.

We are no strangers to wind in northern Illinois but the freight train variety that roared all night long is unnerving, even to us. It's still blowing but not in the same intensity.

I've not yet been outside to survey the accumulation but it sure doesn't look like 20 inches from my vantage point here in the house. The snowstorm in 1999 seemed much worse. It was a terrible cleanup mess and the Farmer was in Florida! The dig out fell to me.

This time around he's sick. Does he plan these things?

I'll be back later with some photos of the snowfall. I'm going to suit up in my snowmobile gear and take a look. Don't worry, that gear keeps you snug and warm, even at 70 mph on a sled.


Mary Rex said...

We got a good bit of ice here in PA, and it does look beautiful on the trees... I made it to work after doing the icy walks twice with Ice Melt. Since it is suburbia, the people who walk their dogs and the kids playing (schools closed)will be out and about.
I watched the Weather Channel and actually heard THUNDER while Jim Cantore stood out in the blizzard in Chicago!
So, take it easy and stay warm:)I hope the Farmer feels better soon.

Ang. said...

Quincy is reporting nearly 29 inches. I do not doubt that we got something similar to that. I am not sure the kids will get back to school this week at all. Most businesses are closed today,too. Stay warm!

Theresa said...

I was going to blog some pictures of sunshine to cheer you all, but one of the other blogs I follow is from No.IL and they have sunshine. I know it's cold when the sun shines there in the winter, but it is heartwarming to see. Hope you have some, too.

Lisa D. said...

20 inches?! I guess I can probably quit complaining about getting 7-9 inches at a time :) It makes me think of Little House on the Prairie and stories like that of winters on the prairies and getting lost in a blizzard just trying to get from the barn to the house. Or snow up to the roof of the house, blocking doorways.

Vee said...

Our storm fizzled out at 8.5 inches. We'll pick up a few more overnight. Added to yesterday's total it'll be about 14 inches I guess. Still the snowbanks are high and the world is white.

He's sick? Your hubby? Perhaps he can plan these things. Hope that you get some good help with clean-up.

Leslie T. said...

Sounds like quite the storm! I'll bet you're tired after a night like that! Hopefully you've got a little of that brandy left for when you're done hiking around in the snowmobile suit. :)

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

We had the cold front with icy howling wind that was preceded by torrential rain. Thankfully the rain fell just before the temperatures took a nosedive and we dodged the icy snowy weather that the northern part of Arkansas got. It still in unseasonally cold here in the South and I am ready for winter to depart!

Thirkellgirl said...

Just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you! We had thundersnow last week and lost our power from Wednesday night until Friday midnight (no generator, no woodstove or fireplace). My daughter and her friends are taking a road-trip up to northern Wisconsin in a couple weeks and will be in your neck of the woods, love your updates!