Thursday, April 21, 2011

Let's go to a baby shower

Come along with me to a baby shower. It was given for my niece Heaether and it was wonderful. If you're planning a similar event in the future, I promise you that you'll get lots of ideas.

First of all, attention all lifestyle and creative magazines. You need to contact my sister and do a story on her. Seriously, she's got some terrific ideas. Wait until you see!

My sister is very much into vintage things. She lives in a 1950's ranch house and has filled it with wonderful, period things. Her and I both collect hammered aluminum pieces. For the baby shower she found vintage vases and plant containers from back in the day when moms stayed in the hospital for more than 24 hours. The Other Mother remembers being in the hospital for one entire week when the Farmer was born.

Here's a vintage container filled with fresh flowers, welcoming us to the party. Notice it's sitting on one of her hammered aluminum pieces.


Of course there's lots of wonderful food. Here's some nice cheese and tasty crackers.


Crackers and dip displayed in a vintage bowl.


Here's Heaether, waiting to open her gifts. My sister is explaining that in lieu of play games we are going to put a kit together. A kit, you ask? Yes, she compiled all the items needed to put together birthing kits to be sent to midwives in Haiti. Women in Haiti are giving birth without benefit of sterile conditions. The kit included a piece of plastic sheeting, alcohol wiwipes, cotton string, a few other items and a receiving blanket for the baby. It was a great feeling to know that we were doing something to help women who could not deliver their babies in hospitals.


This is a diaper cake that was assembled using biodegradable diapers. It's a cute decoration that can actually be used later.


My sister found vintage napkins and used teething rings as napkin holders.


I baked miniature cookie bites for the dessert table. These were addicting!! No way to eat just one.


Here's the cake. It was so adorable. Inside is red velvet cake. As cute and wonderful as this cake is, I'll have to admit that rolled fondant tastes like wet cardboard.


Have some veggie dip. Notice my sister's collector's baskets on the left.


She used a crib dust ruffle to run along the mantle and found all these wonderful vintage dresses to display.


It was such a cute idea.

All the dresses were adorable except one. Here's my sister-in-law and my niece Kim sitting in front of the scary clown dress.


Everybody that walked in had the same reaction......scary clown!!

This is the cutest idea of all. My sister slipped the salt and pepper shakers into vintage crocheted booties.


Remember when I baked those rubber ducky cookies? Here they are, individually wrapped and sitting in a basket for guests to take as a party favor.


Thanks so much for coming along. I hope you got some ideas. My niece kept exclaiming, "My mom created the cutest baby shower, ever!"


Tess said...

Creative people are so much fun! Your cookies look precious.

Terri said...

Loved the party. Great idea to make kits! My fav was the hanging dresses... and yes the clown is creepy! Loved your little bites.
I love a good party. Thanks for bringing us along!

Vee said...

Your sister is very creative! I love the dresses along the mantel and the salt and pepper shakers in baby booties. Your cookies look great and the duckies were a wonderful party favor. (Now, if you haven't already, visit my post on spring garlands and see the most adorable garland to make for the new baby's room. It's precious. I promise!)

lifeinredshoes said...

Holy Roller, you weren't kidding about the great ideas! If this were in a magazine, and it should be, I'd clip it and file it away for future reference:)

P.S. Your cookies, both kind, were darling!

Lisa D. said...

Your neice is right - that is the best baby shower ever :)
So many great ideas.
Your picture of the bouquet reminded me of the cute little ceramic baby booty I have in my china cabinet. My mother was given a small bouquet of flowers in it when I was born, and she gave it to me, with flowers, when my first baby was born. Now it sits in my china cabinet waiting for my first grandchild.
I also love the kits being sent to Haiti. That is a fantastic idea.

Leslie T. said...

Oh, I love the clown dress!!! Of course, I also loved the swan dress at the Academy Awards several years ago... I even made my own version of it to wear at my birthday party that year. Yes, where other people see ghastly, I tend to see whimsy. Hmmmm, maybe this is why I am known as the quirky one in the family. :)
Your cookies are so cute and so yummy looking! What a pretty shower, and so many thoughtful details.
And I love the fact that a kit was made, to bless a mother in Haiti.
Such a fantastic celebration all around! Thanks for sharing it with us!

LDF said...

That looks like fun! I haven't been to a baby shower in years! The s & p shakers in baby booties were especially cool.

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Mary Rex said...

Your cookies look scrumptious. I can almost taste them.
What wonderful baby shower ideas! Especially the birthing kit for a mother in Haiti. It is nice to remember how lucky we are. Thanks for inviting us.

maddy said...

Love these ideas...I've already forwarded the link to my friends..
Thanks for everything! It was so lovely.

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