Friday, May 27, 2011

Weapon of Choice

My friend Vee is using modern methods to deal with the annoying cowbird.


We must live a sheltered life in Illinois because I've never seen a cowbird or her other nemesis, a turkey vulture. Maybe I'm just a terrible observer.

We do however, have lots of other pesky critters. We've got some type of annoying bird that repeats the same call over and over and over until you want to scream.

too tweet
too tweet
too tweet

too tweet
too tweet
too tweet

Just when your irritation is ramping up they switch out the call.

tweet too
tweet too
tweet too

At this point Vee's pellet gun sounds mighty interesting.

We've other annoying critter that could use a little swat to keep them off my property. Voles! Seriously, if they stick their little heads outta the ground they're fair game for a swat. Squirrels? Ditto. Possums and biblical swarms of rabbits who consume every leafy sprout are also on the list.

Speaking of biblical, my form of swatting is low tech and taken right from the the Bible. Think David and Goliath. I defend my turf with a moose.


My sister and I were on a road trip and came across a gas station that had a terrific section of cheesy souvenirs. Some of the souvenirs were not so cheesy, including a beautiful hematite ring and my moose.

Isn't he adorable? All the better to lull the critters into a sense of complacency before I strike.


Truth is, I need a lot more practice.


I should probably try hitting some larger targets.

Say, a coyote that decides to drag deer carcasses into my yard.

What do you think? Should I go modern with a pellet gun or stick with the slingshot?

7 comments: said...

I have a vision of you in full camouflage gear hunkered in a bush. Stick with the slingshot, I want to hear how it goes!

Vee said...

Isn't this funny?! After reading in comments the other day about your slingshot, we're in the market for a good one. The pellet gun is great for noise. If you need some racket, go with it. Remember, we aren't aiming to hit anything and we're aiming high. Oh, about the groundhog from hell, we broke down and purchased wolf whizz. Oh it's nasty stuff, but seems to be working.

LeslieT said...

Love the slingshot. I can see you taking aim.
We've got flocks of wild parrots here. They make quite a racket when they fly over, even more when they roost. The most annoying racket of all though.... our nextdoor neighbor. I would seriously take a herd of buffalo over this guy. Two herds. With an evil gopher thrown in. I'd take them all, in exchange for this guy. Oy.

Tess said...

...but did you get the hematite ring? I can use both sling shot and pellet, but prefer the pump pellet as I can control the power and still have accurate aim. It is not my intention to kill but to scare.

Yours at the Menger,


Lisa D. said...

I can't say I mind the birds around here. None have been annoying. Well, my mother-in-law's peacock's and guinea fowl can make quite the racket, but I don't have to hear them at home.
My husband likes his slingshot too. And we aim to kill - at the squirrels. Squirrels can be very destructive.
Love the creature. Not sure I'd call him a moose, but he's cute :)

Ang. said...

I turn my boys (who will both be gone and mostly gone all summer!) loose with a bb gun to get rid of some of the European tree sparrows and starlings that we have.

You've never seen cowbirds? Yes, be more observant! ;0) As for turkey vultures, northern Illinois now has quite the population of these large raptors. Although that was not the case when I was growing up there. Look in the sky for large birds soaring with their wings in a v shape. I have seen the in DeKalb county for sure.

Mary Rex said...

I love my critters. They come to my door to ask for food if my feeders are empty. I have wrens, titmice, chickadees, cardinals,nuthatches,and hummingbirds.I also enjoy watching the chipmunks and squirrels. Even the bunnies have left my garden alone (so far)so I am happy to see them too:) They seem to be eating the abundant clover in my lawn.