Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Morning Staff Meeting

Once again it's time for the Monday Morning Staff Meeting. Wow, the past week really flew by. I gots lots done around the homestead and that's a good feeling. So much more to do before the snow flies!

The Other Mother went out and bought a pie yesterday but I am NOT going to be serving it this morning. Why? Because it's a store bought pumpkin pie and there's nothing worse on this planet. All I can say is EWWWWWWW.

With all this talk of snack food this week I've decided to serve fresh-from-the-fryer potato chips.

These are Jiminy Chips, produced at the compact potato chip factory inside our local Italian food market. Do you remember when we went on a field trip there?


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I want to those of you who shared your hurricane Irene story with us.


We live in Springfield, MA which is about 1 1/2 hours north of NYC. It's raining awfully hard right now and the wind is beginning to pick up. My husband and I have been through a few hurricanes but never one that has come this close to home.

We both are struck by how slow the darn thing is moving...18/20 mph. Feels like it is taking forever to get here and go pass. We expect to lose power at any time and hope that it isn't out to long.

The tornado that went through Spfld. in June missed us but a severe thunderstorm on July 26 with
65mph winds took out 6 30ft. maples in our yard. Between the record snowfall in Jan/Feb, the tornado, the earthquake last week (which we felt) and now this...we are all exhausted with what Mother Nature has been throwing at us.

P.S. On the bright side of things, I now have lots less leaves to rake come October :)

I agree, Mother Nature has thrown alot at you this year already.

Millicent's son lives in Manhattan:

My son lives in midtown Manhattan. He didn't get horrific problems ~ no power outage, etc. He did say that a neighbor across the street didn't have their window unit secured enough, and it fell about 3a.m. Loud bang, cracked sidewalk. I'm not sure how far it fell. A street sign (large one) came off its pole and clanged down the street bouncing off the pavement and into the air many times. It hit a car and broke glass and dented it. Otherwise, all is well for him. Thank God.

We are so glad he is safe.

My friend in Marilyn in Norfolk, Virginia emailed me to say that they weathered the storm without major damage or losing power.

Thanks everyone for checking in.

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If you read Jen Rizzo's blog then you've already seen this. It's so amazing that I had to share.

I've been doing calligraphy for years, and taught it at several points in the last 30 years. I was sad to hear that schools have stopped teaching cursive handwriting but happy to know that some homeschoolers are including it in their curriculum.

Back in the day handwriting was a part of our day and we practiced and practiced and practiced. Something about the act of forming the letters, watching them appears as my fountain pen tracked across the paper. I still use a fountain pen and sometimes clerks look at it as if it was an archaeological artifact!

Fonts and typefaces are an artform in my book. It takes engineering skill to create a new font. Look at my header. That's a favorite of mine called The King and Queen.

Dana Tanamachi is a graphic designer and freelance chalk artist living in Brooklyn. Here's one of her projects:


I sent this along to a graphic artist friend of mine and she didn't quite understand what she was looking at. To her it looked like a label. But no, these are BIG works. Here's Dana standing by one of her designs.


I madly in love with this idea and I'm going to try a small piece myself.

Here's what another chalk artist has created.


Chalkboard architectural elements behind the bar.

Stay tuned. I'll see what I can put together.

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That's all from me today. How about you? Anything new in your life? Is your day as busy as mine is shaping up to be?


Sandy said...

Right at this moment, I'm sitting in my sunroom eating 2 soft scrambled eggs (no rubber eggs for me, thank you) 2 pieces of buttered toast with strawberry preserves and a big glass of orange juice. Getting fueled up for the day. Love those chalk drawings. I love the ones they do in NY where it looks like you're going to fall into a canyon!! I agree with you on the teaching of cursive writing in the schools. How will these kids sign a check? Do they even accept checks with printed signatures? I dunno!!!! Have a great day Suzanne. Love from the south, Sandy

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on store bought pumpkin pie, I never eat it! linda

Tess said...

Sister Constance taught penmanship and was quite serious about the matter. And yes, we used a fountain pen.

Yours at the Menger,


Mary Rex said...

That chalk artist's work is fantastic! Thanks for sharing all the cool stuff you discover.

Lisa D. said...

Mmmm chips. I'll take those over a storebought pumpkin pie!
I love those chalk drawings. They are gorgeous. My kids are taught cursive in school. And if they didn't, they'd be doing it at home :)

Marilyn from Norfolk said...

Yes once you have sampled the fresh potato chips the rest seem lame. My husband makes them for me and a couple of local restaurants.

I am with you who say that they are not eating a store bought pumpkin pie.

I too enjoy chalk art. A restaurant in Richmond called The Strawberry Street Cafe has wonderful food and always new and interesting chalk art by local artists on the walls. Always a joy to see the new offerings.

How delightful to be mentioned in your blog twice! And those golden oreos are still on standby. Perhaps for a busy night at work when my fellow nurses and I need some calorie therapy.