Saturday, August 13, 2011

Past Little Egypt

Thanks to everyone who took time to think about the geography puzzle I posed in my last post.

Susan, I wish we'd gone to Italy or cruised the Mediterranean. I mention a different continent to throw a red herring in the mix. It's just so funny to me that all those exotic sounding names are towns right here in the middle of America.

Sandra, you got it right! We drove down the far eastern edge of Missouri, following the curve of the Mississippi River. Along the way we pass towns in Missouri and across the river in southern Illinois.

Herculaneum, Missouri
Sparta, Illinois
Vienna, Illinois
Thebes, Illinois
Karnak, Illinois
and.... Cairo, Illinois

That's just a few of the names. Southern Illinois is known as Little Egypt. The name may have come about when poor harvest to the north forced people to Southern Illinois to buy grain. Other people claim it was because the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers resemble the Nile Delta.

We passed through New Madrid, site of four very large earthquakes. The largest caused bells to ring in Boston and Toronto, and topple chimneys in Maine! The earthquake changed the course of the Mississippi River and also created Reelfoot Lake.

We headed on down to Memphis and turned west to our final destination - Hot Springs, Arkansas.

It's a heck of a drive to buy some Blue Plate Mayo, but nothing else will do.


Our trip this time was packed with things we needed to do but I managed to squeeze in a massage and the Farmer got in a round of golf. The Mother (my mom) went with us and visited with some of the friends she made while living there. The Other Mother stayed home and tore her rooms apart in a kind of delayed spring cleaning.

We brought two souvenirs back home with us, a $12 pipe wrench which was used to retrieve the Farmer's partial plate from the drain, and an Arkansas state ccokie cutter!

Stick Horse Cowgirls - I promise that on our next visit to Arkansas we'll meet up and have ribs at Shorty Smalls.


Lou said...

Good Morning Suzanne - I'm a new follower and just read the last few posts. They made me laugh, especially the sink drain story. I was wondering where you lived in northern Illinois and then saw the Kane sign and immediately thought (and embarrassed to say, "oh, she lives in THAT neighborhood") until I read further. I have to say I have never been in a Coach store and know I would feel more at home at the feed store. Anyway, you have a very interesting blog and I will patiently wait for more :)
Connie (aka LOU)

Susan said...

Obviously, that is territory I have not been in. Red herring...ha!! I just go where this mind of mind wanders...usually to strange places. Did not know about that earthquake. I see I have some reading to do.

Terri said...

Yours is the only "non crafty, non quilty, not jewelry" blog I read. I love the way you join the phrases... you should write a book. Maybe title it Hunting for Blue Plate May. That's just crazy funny.

Vee said...

Our family has been known to take off on very long drives to find products. We take off for NB for candy and molasses. Yes, we have ourselves a sweet tooth problem. Glad that you were going for mayo; that makes it better somehow.

Oh I think a meeting with the Stickhorse cowgirls is definitely in order for next time. What fun!

Has everything been righted around at home again? Hope so!

Paula Jo @ Home and Garden Decor said...

It sounds like you had a great time, and memories were made. You always have a story to tell and humor with it. I just love your blog, because somehow I can relate.

Millicent said...

I wondered if you would end up in Arkansas. I remember you going there other times as well. I couldn't help but notice the Duke's in the picture as well. Get that at home or on the road? My inlaws grew up in NC and love that stuff. We are just getting it in TX. Glad you're back. Love to hear of your adventures!

Suzanne said...

Lou - Oh no, not THAT neighborhood, but the OTHER one. I actually did walk into that Coach store and YIKES, I felt totally out of place. Totally.

Susan- I was wishing I'd actually been to some of those exotic locales. Maybe someday. I do enjoy dreaming about them though.

Terri - Stick around. Sometimes I'm craft, quilty although rarely jewelry. You're not the only person who has mentioned a book. Hunting for Blue Plate Mayo is a terrific title. If I ever do write the book I'll give you credit.

Vee - Guess what? That mayo is actually available online, but what fun is that? Traveling hundreds of miles for a food products (such as country sausage in a cloth bag , grits or country ham) is much more fun.

Paula Jo - Seriously we gotta laugh, otherwise we'd be crying. It IS pretty funny to see the Farmer doing drain archaeology whilst on vacation.

Millicent - That pic is from a previous trip to Tennessee where, on the advice of one of my readers I also picked up some Dukes. Love them both but Blue Plate is still my favorite.