Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I'm My Own Santa Clause

A couple of years ago the Farmer started doing something at Christmas that just makes us all laugh. One year our son was handing out gifts and came upon one that had him puzzled. The gift tag said, "To the Farmer, From Santa".

The only problem was that it was written in the Farmer's handwriting! We all looked at him in amazement and said, "You bought YOURSELF a Christmas gift, wrapped it up and tagged it from Santa?"


We all had a good laugh at that one. It seems that there was something he really wanted but couldn't justify spending the money. So, hey..... Santa was happy to oblige.

It became a yearly joke. What's "Santa" going to bring the Farmer this year?

I never had any intentions of following in the Farmer's footsteps but this past Sunday I was browsing through the sales flyers and spotted a camera for sale at Target. It was a terrific price. But the sales ad stated, "limited quantities".

I knew that if I really wanted the camera I'd need to be through the doors pretty early. Did I really want/need the camera? I could probably limp along with my trusy Fuji. Actually, I loved the Fuji so much that when the first died a quick death, I bought an identical used one on Ebay. I loved my Fuji Finepix!

The trusty Fuji Finepix

The screen is teenie tiny though and every one of these cameras has the same flaw - the catch on the battery door breaks easily. For well over a year I've been taping the battery door closed, only to have to repeat the exercise every time I charge the batteries. It looked goofy too.

The new camera is a Canon. I've had a couple of the smaller point-and-click kind but was never happy with them. I like something a little heftier. The most important thing to me is a decent zoom. This has 12x optical zoom and 12 megapixels.

The Canon SX130 IS joins the stable of cameras.

In case you haven't figured it out by now, I have a real weakness for cameras and sewing machines. I suppose there are worse things to be attached to.

The Canon has some cool effects. I show you one of them tomorrow.

So anyway, this was my Christmas gift to myself. And, no.... I'm not going to wrap it up and tag it from Santa.


shortoldlady said...

Yeah for Santa! I hope you like your new camera as much as your old one. My DH bought me a Canon a couple years ago and I love it. Most of my pictures turn out great (and that's saying a lot considering my picture taking abilities!)

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Vee said...

Go Santa! I'm sitting here chuckling because this is about what I did this week minus the beautiful camera that you purchased. Mine is a bit simpler. Oh, btw, I'm shipping my old one off to be fixed at the place you recommended some time ago. (That's in case you saw me snooping around in the archives.)

MelissaD said...

We have often had "Santa to myself" gifts here :) My hubby wouldn't necessarily know that I really wanted that (book, needlework item, etc.) that I just happened to find while shopping for others! Guilt free gifting at its best.
Yay for your new camera - I was totally surprised last year when my husband got me a Canon Rebel EOS camera! Such fun to play with :)
Enjoy your new toy!

Millicent said...

Aw, I think you should wrap it up, so he can get a good laugh this year ;) You can never have too many laughs!

Terri said...

I think the "byog" is a great idea... we adults would know exactly what we want, and Santa would get the blame/thanks. I've done some strange things for my hubby in past gifting. One year, when money was particularly tight, I rewrapped some of his previous Christmas gifts so he had a good quantity of gifts under the tree. Thing is he usually just puts them away, and that is it. Even things he wanted he puts away and doesn't use... so why not regift them to him? I'm a bit afraid to say that he was surprised - or a really good actor.
Merry Christmas, Farmer's Wife!

Mary said...

I love that story, and you getting a new camera. I spent 2 hours cussing over my serger last night and found a good deal on one like the one my gf highly recommends. SO guess what I ordered from Amazon. It is coming tomorrow, and it was 100 dollars cheaper than on the sears website.

Merry Christmas, Suzanne