Thursday, December 15, 2011

Staying In and Baking

My hopes were high that I might get to seem some meteors on Tuesday night but alas, it had clouded up and started to drizzle. No meteors for me this time around.

This morning we were in full blown dreary mode. Here's the view from the garret window.


Actually, it looking out of my sewing room but garret sounds so much more interesting. Very Emily Dickenson. In order to take a photo from my attic I'd need to climb a ladder and enter through a small access panel in the hallway. Then I'd need to chop a hole in roof because there's no window up there. The sewing room "garret" will have to suffice.

It was so rainy and dreary that nothing seemed interesting except to go back to bed and sleep. Unfortunately cookies needed to be baked. Tonight is the Holiday Cookie Exchange. Sorry, there are no pictures of tutorials for the cookies. Y'all know how to bake cookies. You don't need any instruction from me. I made a Martha Stewart recipe called, Cranberry Coins. I'll post the recipe tomorrow. I thinks it's OK because the magazine it was published in is out of print.

Anyway, you don't want to see pictures of my kitchen when I'm cooking or baking. I agree with Paula Deen............

Paula Deen featured on January 2012 issue of Good Housekeeping.

My kitchen's a mess ya'll. There was flour and chopped cranberries bits everywhere. Not pretty. But Paula would be proud because I used lots of but-tah.

Are you a neat cook or a messy cook? I'm messy in most things I do. I like to start with a clean, neat slate but things deteriorate pretty quickly.

Tomorrow I'll show you some of the cool things my new camera can do. Today I wanted to share the rain and the cookie tales.


Vee said...

Very messy in the kitchen and very messy in the sewing room. I'm a mess.

It looks like the perfect sort of day for cozying your world up a bit and baking is a great place to start. (It looks like our corner, too. Rain. No snow. John is grateful. Still working on the house.)

Did I mention that I received "No Time on My Hands" this week? I am enjoying it immensely.

Have fun at the cookie exchange!

Thirkellgirl said...

I'm a ridiculously neat cook. I think it's because my kitchen is so small and we don't have a dishwasher, so my cooking and baking survival skills involve minimizing mess as much as possible. I'd call it a garret, too. :)

Tess said...

My kitchen...a crime scene but with flour.

Mary Rex said...

I begin my baking day by detailing the kitchen. Every surface, nook and cranny is cleaned and polished with baking soda. All equipment is examined for stray splashes from previous efforts and buffed to a shine.
Then...every bowl, spoon, measuring cup, spatula, pan and mixer is put to use in a whirlwind of flour and sugar, leaving a giant mess on the sink side of the kitchen.
And after all that, I am ready to sit down with a cookie and some tea. It gets cleaned up eventually, but the cleaning takes me ever so much longer than the baking:)

Terri said...

Some people are neatnicks, but I'd rather create something new with the time I've got, than spend it cleaning and cleaning and ....well, you know it's never done! Making something new, that's done - maybe now, maybe later, but at some point it'll be done. When it is done, you can show it off. Cleaning is never all that rewarding.
Looking forward to tomorrow and the cranberry cookie recipe!
Merry Christmas Hugs!

Lily said...

I started with a mess and changes to be a good girl in the kitchen during the years.
I still have a mess in my sewing room, hey, everybody has limits.

Catherine Holman said...

I used to be a neat cook, but the older I get the messier I get. I hopped over here from Vee's blog and I'm so glad that I did!