Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Farmer Does the Dash

On Sunday morning the Farmer participated in a 5K run sponsored by our local library. It's called the Dewey dash and the fundraiser was to buy some new computers. The race was scheduled to start at 9 a.m. and we got there early because we weren't sure about how far away we'd have to park. Besides, the Farmer is fanatic about arriving early wherever we go.

He wore his Chicago Bears shirt.


That's the library building behind him. Isn't it cool how some of the elements resemble an open book? He did some warm up exercises but was pacing around. It was obvious he was nervous. Did I mention this was his first race? Our kids can run a 5K in about 25 minutes. The Farmer advised me to go into town and have breakfast because he was sure it would take him an hour and half? Really?

The library's mascot was on hand to help with the event. It's Watson - the dog.


Everyone lined up for the start of the race. There were photographers from the local papers to cover the


 And they're off.


No, I didn't listen to the Farmer. I was pretty sure he wasn't going to take and hour and a half to finish. Anyway, he's always Mr. Worst Case Scenario. I went inside the library with my Emergency Room Bag and crocheted and had a cup of coffee. I positioned myself in front of a window that looked out towards the finish line. At about 19 minutes the first racer came down the chute. I waited awhile and went back outside to see if I could spot him. At the 43 minute mark he rounded the corner and came into the parking lot. He wasn't walking (as he had predicted), he was running!


Not a bad showing. He felt good that he was able to finish, especially since part of the course was uphill. Another runner encouraged him throughout the race and for that I am thankful.


Vee said...

He's looking strong, Suzanne! Congrats on his finishing well and I hope that a lot of funds were raised for the library. Yes, I do like those open book elements. Way cool!

Anonymous said...

I am impressed, good for him. He had issues in the winter didn't he?

toko baju muslim said...

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Tess said...

Watson, the dog? Is there a story or significance to this mascot? Hurrah for the Farmer!


Suzanne said...

I'm not quit sure how they came up with the mascot. He wears a deerslayers hat so I think he's named after Dr. Watson in the Sherlock Holmes books by Arthur Conan Doyle.

Leslie T. said...

Good job! Kudos to the Farmer!

Terri said...

Hurray for the Farmer!!! That is quite an accomplishment. My hobby is out mowing the lawn... hopefully he will do some today and some tomorrow. He gets so achy doing it all in one day. (Less than a quarter acre, but with lots of trees to dodge.)
How are your Moms, and you? Did the Bronchitis get the boot?

MaddiesMom said...

Cheers for the Farmer!

And cheers to you for resuming your blogging. We missed you!

jrmom said...

What a wonderful accomplishment. I started running about 6 months ago and will competing in my first 5k obstacle course in June. So happy for him to complete his race at a better pace than he anticipated. Congratulations to all!