Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Morning Staff Meeting

Good morning everyone, and welcome to the Monday Morning Staff Meeting which is actually being held on a Monday. Will wonders never cease.

The first order of business is food. It's always food. Today we're going to share some lovely pecan danish coffee cake and fresh strawberries. Dig in.


I hope that you had a good weekend in your corner of the world. It was quite wild and wooly here in the midwest. Those storms that were pounding Oklahoma made their way north and east to arrive here. Of course they had lost alot of steam by the time they reached us but they were still pretty powerful thunderstorms.

Did you know that some parts of the country rarely experience thunderstorms? I actually love a good thunder and lightning storm, as long as no one gets hurt and the houses don't flood.

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Have you seen this video that's making the rounds. It's comedian Jeanne Robertson talking about baking her 7-up pound cakes and sending her husband (Mr. Left Brain) to the store for ingredients. This is refreshing because there's not a swear word in sight, just reflections on a funny situation. Watch the video and we'll come back and discuss it.


What makes this so funny is that I can picture this happening. In fact, something similar happens around here every Christmas. The Farmer asks me for a Christmas list and I've learned to be very careful what I add to the list. Why? Because men and women are wired differently. I intend for the list to give the Farmer some options but invariably he would buy EVERYTHING on the list! I guess I shouldn't complain but that can certainly create a strain on the budget.

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Our neighbors have recently moved to Ohio. They decided to downsize in square footage and so they couldn't take everything with them. After their move they had a professional company hold an estate sale at their house (which is still up for sale). There was a grass catcher I thought we could use and the Son wanted to look at the leather sofa she was selling.

On the first morning we arrived and got our numbers. Have you been to an estate sale? Numbers are handed out based on the order in which you arrive. When the doors to the house are opened only a certain number of people are allowed to enter, otherwise it would be a mob scene and difficult for the estate sale people to monitor everything.

The Son and I were among the first to enter the house. We looked at the sofa and determined it was a bit traditional for his tastes. He left and neighbor Lynn and I walked around and looked at things. It quickly became very sad and creepy to be in a house where so many memories and ghosts of parties and large pans of lasagna lingered in the air.

Twenty years of memories are there. It's very difficult for our friend and very difficult for those of us who have to pass the house everyday on our way out of our neighborhood. I feel sorry for the folks who finally buy this place because in our minds it will always be Donna's house.

We miss her terribly and it only underscores how important friends are in our lives.

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The Farmer ran the Dewey Dash 5K run yesterday, in between the thunderstorms that were rolling into the area in waves.


He done good. I'll have a full report (with pictures) tomorrow. This race was in preparation for the Warrior Dash in June. What's a Warrior Dash? It's alot of messy fun.

Here's some post grad college students from Michigan.


Vee said...

Oh sent me over there to watch that video and I wound up bungee jumping in Canada...

Yes, I can relate. My grocery lists for John look like books with very detailed instructions to include where he will find the item in the store. Woe be unto me if the item has moved.

So many folks are downsizing. The economy, our age, whatever-the-reason. I hope that you found something to buy from your friend's estate sale. Any little thing...

Thanks for the fun!

Oh, I can not believe that your hubby is going to run through mud.

Tess said...

I have found I need to be as specific as possible when instructing the hubs in anything. Years ago, I asked him to build me a bird cage for the lovebirds. I drew a very nice picture and then went out of town to see my grandmother. When I returned, I had a large tiki hut in my living room that I had to climb into to clean. I wish I had taken a picture.

Yours at the Menger,


Terri said...

MMM on M? Hurray!
Loved the video... I have similar problems with the Christmas list. He never knows what to get for me... I already have a shopping center in my craft rooms. I make him a list of possibilities, and he gets every item. I have to be careful of the budget. (My mom says I'm spoiled. - She's jealous.)

Hurray! for the Farmer. Love the tutus.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

So sad to see a neighborhood change--just a reminder that nothing physical on this earth lasts forever--but the good memories do!
I'm lucky to get anything on my list--want to trade? lol

Cheryl said...

Visiting from Vee's Haven this evening. Oh yes, that video is hysterical, because it is all so familiar!