Tuesday, April 22, 2008

David Copperfield's Got Nothing on Her

When the Other Mother was standing in line waiting to be born she asked for two helpings of energy and three helpings of stamina. And she got them.

Born into an immigrant farm family those two traits were in great demand and have served her well for 86 years. I have mentioned the difficulties of living in a multi-generational family but the truth is that she has carried more than her weight around here. The extra doses of energy and stamina create a problem though because at some point you become a slave to them.

Women down through the ages have known that whether in a cave or a McMansion, running a household is alot of work.


When we lived in the Little Blue House on the Prairie our laundry room was just off our family room. One night I was finishing up a load of laundry and the Farmer complained because he was trying to watch his favorite program, "Can't you do laundry on Tuesday?" he asked. (Insert laugh track here)

Every mother across the world is getting a big laugh at that statement. Do laundry on TUESDAY? I was incredulous at his lack of understanding.

"Honey....I do laundry EVERY DAY. Sometimes twice a day if there's a soccer game."

And so having two women in a household to share the chores can be a plus, except when the kitchen is involved, but we've talked about that subject before. When I was working full-time it was good to come home to a hot meal prepared by the Other Mother, although I didn't always appreciate the hundreds of ways cabbage can be prepared. A spotlessly clean bathtub that doesn't involve any effort on your part is always a good thing, especially since the whirlpool tub involves climbing in and scrubbing from the inside out.

As time marches on and time and age limit your world, daily chores take on a new meaning. In some cases they become the meaning, There are times when the Other Mother seems to grab the laundry before it can hit the floor.

But there seems to be a new development in the laundry department around here. The other day I took the dogs for a long walk and worked up quite a sweat. When I walked in the door and through the laundry room I noticed that my clothing smelled totally fresh. A faint mist of April Fresh Downy wafted up from beneath my jacket. That can only mean one thing.......David Copperfield's got nothing on the Other Mother..

.....she's figured out a way to do the laundry while we're still wearing it!!!!

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Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Sighing wistfully, I'd like one of those "other" mothers, too. Maybe. Most definitely if she keeps the tub clean, does laundry, and cooks.

(The snowpile is gone!)

Mary said...

Oh I think I need a big dose of
"Other Mother's" drive and energy. I'm afraid I am a lackluster housekeeper at the best of times, and there are so many chores waiting for me this morning!

Paula Bauer said...

What Mary sez. ditto. I concur.

My SIL and I have observed that combined we would be a force unstoppable....I love to cook, she likes to clean up the mess. How did the previous generations of women manage to get the entire package deal...the double-dose factor? I'm wondering if there is a way to get back into line for a 'Work ethic' booster shot!

Sabina said...

Your blog never disappoints - especially loved the "can you do laundry on tues" comment.

Happy Mother Earth Day!!

Rue said...

No need to insert a laugh track, because I was already laughing LOL Tuesday... hehehehehe That's too much! Men are so unknowing ;)

Thank you for the advice on staging :)

Off to read your other posts I missed...
rue :)