Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Morning Staff Meeting

Good morning everyone and welcome to the Monday Morning Staff Meeting. I've decided that today we're going to forego sweets and have something savory. How about this for breakfast?


It's a Potato, Onion and Gruyere Gallette. Doesn't it look delicious. It is!

The recipe is from Susan's blog, Schitzel and the Trout.

This is certainly a case of pass the recipe because Susan got it from Wives with Knives, who in turn got it from a bg called Moveable Feast.

Grab something to drink and a plate full of this potato and onion goodness and let's get started.

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Farm and Fru Fru recently posted a picture of a piece of wall art.


And the surprise is that it's made from toilet paper rolls! That's right up the Farmer's alley because you know how he feels about toilet paper.


You can learn how to make one for yourself at Design Sponge. Here's the tutorial:


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I posted this photo of a sign from a local farm.


Tess said...

"Fresh eggs -- self serve? I'm scratching my head with thoughts of all the possibilities."

She's right and got me to thinking about it. Would that mean that you let yourself into the hen house and collect eggs fresh out of the nest?

No. This farm has a self-serve egg "store". It's the woman's enclosed side porch. She has a small sliding door cooler like you'd see in a convenient store. The eggs are arranged in order, small, medium and large. There's a table with pencil and paper and a slotted box to leave the money. You write down what you've taken - 2 dozen medium, 1 dozen extra large, put the the money in the box and you're done!

The eggs are wonderfully fresh. We also have many farmers who set up tables of self-serve garden fresh vegetables.

Do you have these types of self-serve places in your area?

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We al know that Facebook was set up as a social media for college kids. That's evolved and the joke is that the young people are leaving Facebook by the thousands. Why? Because their mother's have shown up on the site!


Well, it seems that their mothers are not the only ones who have shown up on Facebook. Their grandfathers and great-grandfathers are on "the Face".

The above article appeared in the Sunday Chicago Tribune and it tells the story of 89-yr. old Richard Bosack who recently joined Facebook. In the photo he's reacting to the fact that he's discovered how to change his profile.

I think it's great. We should never stop learning new things.

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And here's a final photo for you. Just because.


Have a great day. Join me tomorrow when I talk about sewing for fun and for profit.


chocolatechic said...

I really don't have much to say except the potatoes and onions were fabulous. Just what I needed on this Monday morning.

I'm so tired.

The end.

Susan said...

Oh how great your potatoes look! I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did!!

Vee said...

Thanks for the really does look wonderful. TP roll art is kind of cool. Looks like quilling after a fashion. Yes, many of our farm road side produce stands are on the honor system. I only wish I could find eggs that way. We do buy our eggs at a farmer's market...jumbos, double yolkers much of the time. That last photo is marvelous!

techwriter said...

The link didn't work for me, but I found it at (Your link is

Millicent said...

Thanks for the potatoes and onions. I can't wait to make them for my husband. I think he'll love them. When I was growing up in a small east Texas town, we had a self serve veggie stand. I especially remember the tomatoes and cucumbers. They are still my summer faves.

Lisa D. said...

That gallette looks delicious. I'm reading this in the afternoon as I try to decide what to make for supper, and I think I might have just found it!
That wall art looks great in the photo, but I can't help but wonder if it looks just as great up close. Worth a try though.
We don't have self-serve places up here. Maybe because there's only about 3 months of the year to do that kind of thing. We do have weekly farmer's markets where fresh produce, eggs, meat and baking are available, along with assorted craft/handiworks. And we have a few u-pick places, especially for the berries, but various veggies are available to be picked too.
I love facebook because my parents and aunts and uncles are on it. There are so many that live too far away to see regularly and it's a quick easy way to keep up with everyone.

Leslie T said...

Ohhhhh. Potatoes! Love potatoes. And cheese. Happy sigh. You have made my Monday a happy day. :)
Here in Southern California, there are people who have trees in their yards, such as avocado, orange, pomegranate, etc. They will put a box of their produce on a little table in the front yard, with a sign, and you can help yourself and leave your money in a box.
Up till a couple of years ago, my parents lived in a small town in Central California, at the southern end of the Sequoia National Forest, and there were lots of large farms with orange trees. In addition to shipping oranges to the packing houses, lots of farms put a small display out in front with a self-serve sign, and you help yourself to bags of oranges, and leave the money in a box.
My favorite one was my mom's friend who raised chickens-- and my mom bought eggs from her. My mom had a 13 mile drive home from work, up the mountain, and she would call her friend just before she left work, then she'd head up the mountain road, drive along till she got to the edge of her friend's property, stop and pull off the side of the road, open her friend's mailbox and there would be a dozen eggs inside, waiting for my mom. Talk about drive-up service.

Farmchick said...

I love a savory breakfast. I hve to say I have participated in a self-serve vegetable farm stand, but not self-serve eggs. But, I think it is a great idea.

kgreeson said...

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